My Ethereum exit strategy

My Ethereum exit strategy

By Keyboardwarrior | Crypto Bulletin | 19 Apr 2021

Anticipating what will happen after Ethereum 2.0 gets launched has many within the mining community puzzled. Nobody wants to invest heavy into GPU mining equipment if Proof-of-Stake will be the only viable form of aquiring Ethereum in the future. It also seems like we might be seeing a similar solution for regular Ethereum (Not refering to Ethereum Classic, mind you) before Ethereum 2.0 is launched. 


But is the future really that difficult to anticipate regarding these issues and will there be a similar hard exit such as we saw when Bitcoin became unobtainable to mine for the non-ASIC mining community? Similar to the way GPU miners found their way to Ethereum after Bitcoin became unviable, many are now looking into Ravencoin as the default choice for proceeding afterwards. 

So why are those people mining Ethereum now instead of Ravencoin if its so great you may ask? Well, simply because the amount of ravencoin you currently recieve is so great there is no real scarcity driving the price up, making Ethereum a more reasonable mining purisut. Therefore your best bet is to mine Ethereum and use the mined ETH to purchase Ravencoin. The demand for the existing supply of Ravencoin will increase while you continue to mine the most profitable crytocurrency. When the eventual transition to Ethereum 2.0 occurs and Ethereum becomes proof-of-stake, you will have amassed a decent amount of Ravencoin and can continue mining Ravencoin as so many others will be interested in doing. 

The KAWPOW algorithm prevents Ravencoin from being mined by ASIC miners making it future proof, while the halving of the RVN will occur right in january next year, no doubt making the Ravencoin price surge as it becomes more scarce. This is the advantage of getting into the crypto while its still early on and before this transition is likely to happen. 

Do you believe that there is another crypto that would be a suitable exit strategey from ethereum? Feel free to write below.

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