Amazon to Launch NFT-Based Project in April 2023 | Sui Testnet ‘Wave 2’ has been Launched on Sui Network!

Crypto Bulletin – 27th of January | Amazon to Launch NFT-Based Project in April 2023 | Sui Testnet ‘Wave 2’ has been Launched on Sui Network!

It’s been a slow start of the year for the crypto market, considering various factors such as the fall of FTX and its exposed companies like Genesis Global, the crypto market has sustained strongly. And more importantly, the builder i.e developers have not stopped building the space. Many projects have continued with their development irrespective of the market conditions. Sui Network, one of the most awaited projects in the crypto space right now has kept the development ongoing, and now launched a testnet, and the e-commerce giant Amazon is also spreading its arms in the web 3.0 space, it I will be a huge push to the entire web 3.0 space if Amazon integrated technology in its ecosystem.

1. Amazon to Launch NFT-Based Project in April 2023!

I am sure you know Amazon, is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world and has plenty of other services such as cloud services including SaaS, PaaS, and others. Millions of people scroll through Amazon, for shopping, for payments, and tons of other stuff. What if I tell you, Amazon is launching an NFT-based project in the upcoming months? Well, it will be a huge opportunity for web 3.0 technology to grow.

Amazon to Launch NFT-Based Project in April 2023

According to recent reports, Amazon is about to launch the NFT-based project in April 2023. Although, there is no such official announcement from Amazon officials the news is spreading like fire. It is supposed that Amazon will launch a gaming-based project which will let users claim free NFTs and my speculation is those NFTs will act as a Proof-of-Customer, and then can be redeemed for various discounts and offers, kind of coupons but with a taste of web 3.0 and plenty of other features.

If we zoom out a little, we can see that if Amazon launches this project then many others will follow and this will create a demand for engineers trained and experienced with web 3.0 technology. And as a result, we will see a number of developers getting into the space, educating themselves with web 3.0 technology in order to meet the demand, and this will boom the development of the space.

2. Sui Testnet ‘Wave 2’ has been Launched on Sui Network

Sui Network was at the top list of the most awaited projects in the crypto space, mostly because of the speculations of airdropping its native tokens. The Sui Network is the layer 1 blockchain backed by Mysten Labs, a group of experienced developers. Mysten Labs is backed by some of the top players in the space like a16z Crypto (the crypto investment arm of a16z), Binance Labs, Samsung Next, and others.

Last year, it was speculated that Sui Network will launch the ‘Wave 2’ testnet in early 2023. And as planned, the team has launched the testnet recently. The announcement came from the official tweeter handle of the Sui Network. It is really interesting to see the development progress of the network and its growing hype in the crypto space.

This testnet is supposed to test the functioning of $SUI tokenomics, stake delegations, and other important aspects of the Sui Network. Due to the expectations airdrop, the news spread instantly and people started to get involved. I am still not sure if there is any official announcement from the Sui Network about the rewards for the testers but it is speculated.

Official website- Sui Blockchain - Build without boundaries

Mysten Labs- MystenLabs - Creating Foundational Infrastructure For Web3.0

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