How To Track Hype Altcoins And Earn Well With This Information.

By vigori | CRYPTO_BOOM | 6 Dec 2021

I began to look quite seriously and with great enthusiasm - every day various news information about the state of $ Altcoins, after a cryptomaniac acquaintance introduced me to LunarCrush and shared his experience of earning on the platform from $ 130 per month at the current LUNR $ 3.99 rate (based on pin 33 Lunar Token).


To register on the site, you need to follow the invitation link -, enter your Email and after confirming it with the code, in the Setting tab, bind the social. Twitter network. After that, you can start earning points. They are credited exclusively for vigorous activity and time spent on the site. Then the system starts counting points and your daily reward, it is taken into account: variable activity multiplier (I have it 3.2x), daily input-5, referral - up to 150, average time spent on the site-1 point / minute, share - copy ref. link-20, click on the link-up to 150, after which everything is summed up taking into account the multiplier and the sum of points is obtained, which are divided by a variable coefficient and receive a LunarToken. From the beginning, the earnings will not be large, since it increases with the growth of the multiplier.


As I do, after turning on the computer, I go to the LunarCrush website and after a cursory examination of the top altcoins on Markets, I open Influencers with popular posts and go about my business, sometimes I return to LunarCrush to switch the next post, so during the computer I have time to scroll through 30 posts.

So, for a general understanding, LunarCrush is a social platform that studies market sentiment and makes cryptocurrency analytics about the price and impact of a token in society, in real time, which helps users to track cryptocurrency quite conveniently. LunarCrush has its own LUNR ecosystem token that users can earn using the website. LunarCrush for platform management has a fixed supply of 250 million LUNR tokens and plans to donate 51% of the tokens to the community within 5 years, so we have a good opportunity to earn LUNR.

In October, the Lunr token peaked at $ 14.0 USD; now, after the market crash, the token costs $ 1.45 USD. The Lunr token is traded according to CoinMarketCap, on the MEXC and Okoin exchanges. That's all for me, I will be glad to see you as a member of the LunarCrush platform, good luck!

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