Crypto Book Reviews (#6): Consensusland

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto Book Reviews | 19 Nov 2020

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Consensusland by Mark Helfman


The Gist

Consensusland is a realistic fiction book about what a 100% cryptocurrency-powered country may look like.


This is the first crypto book I read that fell into the realistic fiction category, which was a pleasant change of pace from what I've been reading lately.

It's about a biomedical entrepreneur named Quentin, who's invited to Consensusland, a utopian country that's entirely based on a cryptocurrency economy. He's joined by a mix of different characters, which represent the skeptical views toward cryptocurrency.

As we follow Quentin and his crew, we are walked through what this new world would look like, touching on both sides of the crypto debate. 

The Verdict:

2.5/5 STARS.

(Spoilers included)

My main critique of this book is that after finishing it, I wasn't sure what the author's overarching message was for the reader. Despite the subtitle being "A Cryptocurrency Utopia", the final few scenes of the book essentially consisted of the leader of this "crypto utopia" dissolving into a frantic mess, and the main protagonist deciding to spurn the move to this crypto-centric country.

I appreciate that the author wanted to keep things unbiased and show the pros and cons of crypto, but I felt the the book ended on a fairly negative tone. Call me an overly-hyped cheerleader, but if I have the choice to recommend any book to my newbie friends to the space, I'd be more likely to steer them toward one that leaves them feeling unquestionably excited about the positive potential of the crypto movement.

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5. Consensusland
6. The Bitcoin Guidebook


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