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Crypto Book Reviews (#2): Blockchain: The Next Everything

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto Book Reviews | 16 Jun 2020

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Blockchain: The Next Everything by Stephen Williams

blockchain book

Blockchain (noun): A system of recording bitcoin/cryptocurrency transactions, which is maintained across a linked network.

The Gist

The first book I read on the topic of crypto, The Bitcoin Guidebook, was a good place to start.

Blockchain: The Next Everything is better.

A LOT better.


The first thing that stuck out to me about Blockchain: The Next Everything is that the author has an extensive background in sustainability.

This is important, because as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies take off in the coming decades, the environmental implications will be important to keep an eye on.

In addition to the sustainability coverage, Williams uses a strong balance of 3 different storytelling styles throughout Blockchain: The Next Everything.

1. Real-World Examples

Williams does a great job of looking at how the world used to work, currently works, and will eventually work from an economic perspective.

These comparisons make the more complex aspects of crypto & blockchain much easier to digest for newer folks. 

2. Personal Stories

Williams recounts a few different bitcoin & crypto summits (basically TED talks for crypto nerds) he has attended in recent years.

He does an excellent job walking the reader through these experiences, so we can really feel like we were there too.

3. Logical Speculation

One of my biggest problems with The Bitcoin Guidebook was that it played it too safe, and didn't take the reader through the future possibilities as I had hoped.

Blockchain: The Next Everything did a MUCH better job with this in my opinion. The author really takes the time to explore the possibilities, and have lots of fun with it in the process.

He even goes as far as to predict the downfall of Google and the other data giants, which was VERY interesting.

It takes some serious balls to take a leap that big as an author, and I respect the hell out of him for it.

We do read books to be entertained, after all.

The Verdict

4.5/5 STARS.

Blockchain: The Next Everything is a masterful blend of real-world examples, personal stories, and logical explanations while exploring the massive potential ahead for bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market.

The fact the the author repeatedly brings things back crypto's future from a sustainability perspective is icing on the cake.

I'd say this book is most ideally suited for intermediate-to-expert crypto followers, but beginners will get a ton of value out of it as well.

If Blockchain: The Next Everything is your first book on the topic of crypto/bitcoin, then I'd highly recommend reading it twice to make sure you fully absorb the important concepts. In the same way that computers were only usable by super-smart nerds back in the 80s, the crypto field is still in its early, complex stages of its lifecycle. Crypto is by no means a simple topic, so it'll take some repetition and continuous exposure to get in the groove.

That said, this is hands-down the best crypto book I've read so far. I highly recommend it to beginners, intermediates, and experts alike.

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1. Blockchain: The Next Everything, by Stephen Williams
2. The Bitcoin Guidebook, by Ian DeMartino


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