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Zano(ZANO): Every day Becoming a Scalable Power

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 29 Apr 2022



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I will write about Zano a safe and scalable crytocurrency, but this we find in all the links derived from the project, Sure? Exactly, in addition to showing its qualities I would like to reflect on application and adherence and why it's sleeping and that it's possibly close to waking up. Leaving speculation aside, we must pay attention to the fact that the world, despite the freedom of expression that we find in NFTs, will soon need security due to the high level of difficulty and extremities of the technologies.
Your blockchain is hybrid making it unfeasible for direct or indirect attacks, that is, a waste of time executing these attempts. Are your transactions secure and private, anything else? I will go into more detail below. A detail that we must not forget: This article is my vision and analysis of the Zano project and if you have any technical questions or something related please contact the developers.

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What is Zano

As a sophisticated interface and futuristic and friendly design; Zano is a cryptocurrency project designed for everyday use, as a secure store of value and mainly in e-commerce, what do you mean? That's right, with a foundation of performance and stability Zano offers what's needed for these segments and the technology behind the blockchain(Zano) offers reliability, security and flexibility, making it a perfect option for your needs.

What's so special about Zano?

*Hybrid consensus algorithm:

The 51% attack? Never! The network favors blockchain extensions where blocks based on PoW and PoS alternate.

*Efficient asynchronous core architecture:

Scalability has always been an issue for developers of all skill levels. Therefore, the developers of the Zano project focused on a core that allows multiple transactions to be processed simultaneously.

* Sophisticated and friendly interface:

In addition to carrying the flag of the Future with an extraordinary design, users can also handle multiple wallets at the same time.

*Optimized single file wallet:

With just one backup and with just a single file you can open it to multiple operating systems and your file size is significantly optimized.


It's a multi-signature, a feature and a major improvement integrated into all wallets.

*P2P contracts and transactions

Due to multifunctional contracts, P2P transactions are simple, adding a high level of security to the “Consolidated Transactions” feature.

*Simplified Alias ​​Registration:

Each Zano user can register an alias; a human-readable name associated with a payment address.


The scalability problem?



We know it's lack of capacity or rather; it's a limitation of the network (blockchain) to handle large amounts of transaction data in a short time. Right? Due to the features mentioned above Zano was built in such a way that a large number of transactions can be handled per second without compromising the effectiveness or security of the network. One of the inherited factors for this effectiveness is the famous "CryptoNote"


What is your Purpose and Path?

There are three segments that can sum it up!!

Wallet, privacy and E-commerce...



We must consider the basis of any project and without an efficient wallet all goals and ideas mentioned go down the drain. So the developers designed the Zano wallet to facilitate the use of highly secure and highly anonymous cryptocurrency transactions and of course focusing on the symbolic transmission of technology (Have you downloaded the wallet? It looks like we are running a military service or NASA space service/( Laughs) So with a cross-platform wallet, financial transactions are not traceable.



With an important and established base (wallet) comes the essence of the Zano project, namely privacy and the way transaction data is stored on its blockchain allows access only by authorized parties, and none of the private data is published publicly guaranteeing the anonymity. In summary, the Zano blockchain hides all sending and receiving addresses, ensuring an extreme level of privacy for users.



Despite guaranteeing personal and financial values ​​for any user, we can consider E-commerce as a path for Zano and in my opinion it is interesting because the demand for new technologies is growing every day and I believe that the technology and boldness that Zano has can match the demand and requirements of this segment. In continuation with one of the important features and in this case Multisig there is the possibility for several users to control a single wallet and can also be used for two-factor authentication. The project allows for the creation of fully customizable contracts, which allow for any contract conditions and are reliably fulfilled by all parties. A financial deposit is required to alleviate any malicious stress. As resources of APIs and plugins the resources of the net are easy facilitating the use of any series and no matter the level. So users don't need to have any coding knowledge to create contracts and implement them in the e-commerce related segment.



Zano Specifications:


Name: Zano

Symbol: ZANO

Algo: ProgPowZ   POW/POS

Total Suply: ∞ (uncapped)/ Docs














Expanding your ideals...

Now Zano is expanding on Web2 and in the future on Web3, what do you mean? By joining the Ethereum blockchain, it's possible to use DEX and multitoken wallets such as Metamask and Trust Wallet. All this for the benefit of the NFTs and the possibilities of the Metaverse. An interesting detail is that you do not need to have Ethereum fees to perform the Swap(ZANO><WZANO)

Wrapped Zano Specifications:


Name: Wrapped Zano

Symbol: WZANO

Decimals: 18

Total Suply: 100,000

Contract: 0xdb85f6685950e285b1e611037bebe5b34e2b7d78









To conclude and add to what I mentioned at the beginning, there is a lot of literature and knowledge of the Zano project and if you look at Medium, Bitcointalk and Discord you will see a huge amount of variations on what Zano means. My goal in conclusion is to be objective and bring a motivational introduction to you who are in search of privacy and current.

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