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By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 11 Nov 2021



Everyone is well?

In this article I will write about Worldcoin(WDC) a decentralized project that has been alive since 2013 when it reached the peak of its price reaching $1 in market value and we realized that 8 years have passed and the project is still standing. But maybe you're wondering why I'm writing about old projects and the answer is very simple: When a project survives a long time in terms of energy, development, technology and market it means it can face anything. In these resulting, the world of crypto went through several segments and adhesions. Who would have thought a few years ago that token and NFT would dominate the market or at least a large share? Well my friends, life has shown us that no matter what we do or develop, adaptation is mandatory.

Leaving philosophy aside and looking at the project we find a lot of energy involved and it can be analyzed literally or in reality. Therefore, this can mean rewards of value and recognition from the market and investors. We cannot forget and leave out the topic of membership, but what does that mean? Anyway, for a project to be alive even today it means that it is being involved by a large number of people, after all, who is going to buy a project where there is no demand and interest? This can also be useful for miners because no miner will mine a random project and there will always be a reason why mining is established. So this introduction is just for reflection and it is worth remembering that the information in this article can be found in the access links and derivatives.







What is Worldcoin?

Continuing with the above introduction, is a cryptocurrency with the Scrypt algorithm and which has recently added AuxPoW to improve the network. Its mining is based on ASIC, that is, it's of great level despite being an old project. As it is an old project, Worldcoin(WDC) carries the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, which consists of living in a world where transactions and daily actions correspond, what do you mean? Yes, WorldCoin's dream is to see you and all your supporters buy a snack, a coffee, go to the Supermarket or even fuel your car paying with WDC. It's a dream that is coming true with some specific projects but it still doesn't fall into the graces of humanity in general.


Could this happen with Worldcoin(WDC)?


Yeah, because its speed and security provide this possibility with transactions being carried out and confirmed in just 60 seconds... That's right my friend in just 1 minute your coffee would be in your hand (laughs) Have you ever thought about a busy day and you using WDC to pay and in just 1 minute the trade is carried out between you and the seller?(P2P) In addition to the ideas mentioned above, WDC can be used as a store of value as it has a solid blockcahin and is able to do so with transactions and solidity for you who want to invest your money. Your shipping fee is almost 0 and insignificant for your pocket so what are you waiting for to be part of the project?


Technical information:


Name: Worldcoin 
Symbol: WDC
Algorithm: Scrypt/AuxPoW(Recently Implemented)
BlockTime: 30sec
Confirmations: 6
Reward: 64 coins, reduced 1% every week (20,160 blocks)
Supply: 265,420,800

If you have any technical questions, go to Github or contact the Discord team.

Worldcoin(WDC) can be analyzed in: Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Coinpaprika.



Worldcoin(WDC) can be purchased in exchanges: XT.exchange, WBF.exchange.





In my opinion it's a great project that has a solid and fast blockchain and that its main objective can become reality at any time. Buying a product with cryptocurrency is not impossible, sellers and buyers only have to have cryptocurrency and the means of payment in hand, but what do you mean? It's simple, just add the WDC blockchain and add it to any ATM that receives payments with QR codes or even cards in certain countries.

It's not difficult just for the community to reach a consensus and apply their dreams to reality, just talk to merchants in real life, large retailers, stores to accept WDC as a means of payment. Another interesting idea is to create a wallet for mobile and for all operating systems, increasingly expanding the idea of ​​membership and its utilitarian use.

I hope you all like and analyze this investment possibility. Access the access links to learn more and join the community.





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