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UniSwap(UNI): The boldest pink unicorn in the world

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 13 Apr 2022



Greetings friends;

With bold joy that I present the most well-regarded and daring protocol in the crypto world. In its development there was v1, v2 and currently v3 but my goal is not to explain what we can find in the access links and I recommend that you access the Website, Blog and Github to learn more and stay up to date. I would like to write about a different vision that mixes the experience of a user and an analyst of everyday life.



In continuation Uniswap has its most powerful version of the protocol V3 ie it has concentrated liquidity offering capital efficiency for liquidity providers with better execution for traders and superior infrastructure at the heart of decentralized finance. Its protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain with BNB variation, it allows users to easily exchange between any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token in a free and decentralized way. That's right my friend you
means you have the option to easily trade Ethereum or BNB based tokens directly from your personal wallet (Metamask, MEW among others), having full administration control and without having to give up custody of your funds.


Your own token for the benefit of the ecosystem:

Token Specifications:


Name: Uniswap

Symbol: UNI

Decimals: 18

Total Suply: 1,000,000,000

Contract: 0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984



Name: Uniswap

Symbol: UNI

Decimals: 18

Total Suply: 4,499,999.999999

Contract: 0xbf5140a22578168fd562dccf235e5d43a02ce9b1


Any technical and more specific questions? Access the Whitepaper and Github



Where to buy the Uniswap(UNI) Token???


Binance  Gate  Coinbase  Huobi  Kucoin  

Bybit  FTX  Uniswap(V2) Kraken  Bistamp

Bithumb  FTXUS  Bitfinex  Gemini  Poloniex

Bittrex  Uniswap(V3)  Lbank  OKX  ZB  Bitglobal

FMFW  Phemex  Pancakeswap(V2)

AscendEX  Compound  MEXC  eTOROX  WazirX

CoinFlex  Indodax  BancorNetwork  Sushiswap

Tokocrypto   ProbitGlobal   SerumDex  OKcoin

Pangolin   BTCEX  XT  Biconomy  AAX  Deepcoin

WhiteBIT  ExMarkets  BitWell  WooNetwork 

DexTrade  KickEx


Above are the exchanges you can purchase (UNI)


Surpassing the Impossible


With the strong demand for liquidity and market power Uniswap is a project (Protocol) that could be the first in the world due to the high rate of trading and marketing. The Unicorn symbol means luck, something rare and that can break the chains of reality. There is a growing in several of the world and especially in third world countries and their investors seek financial control and dominion and a decentralized service like Uniswap can help you or any institution to achieve their goals.

Although the ICO market has cooled in recent years, there is a lack of projects that correspond to reality or at least have application. Therefore, most of the projects are under development and in search of a north for their success and Uniswap is part of this development influencing having a wide variety of projects that integrate the ecosystem increasing the market value and its liquidity.

All this is possible because the project is transparent with a formidable interface to trade and being part of the Technological generation that revolutionized the world (Cryptocurrecy)



Any question, doubt? Access the links to learn more, be part of the community, have your luck(UNI) and be part of this great project.



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Crypto Bits

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