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By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 1 Nov 2021

Are you looking for how to expand your investments? Looking for analytical positions and measures for better profit development? You found the right place. Maybe you are wondering how this is possible or how the platform works. Not to waste your time in a nutshell Lunar Crush is an analysis platform with hundreds of indexes for an excellent analysis and with the help of influencers and internet users the platform is growing more and more.



To register is very simple, just click on "Register" below and make your registration:




Once this is done you can earn more than $100 or more until you complete 35 Lunr Official Platform Token, after getting 35 Lunr you can make the first withdrawal. To get the 35 Lunr you must complete the missions. At the beginning by completing the initial missions you will get a specific amount of points and these points will be converted into lunr per day performed. In the table below you will understand better.






So the image below will show the day to day missions and how they will be updated.



Each mission performed achieves a specific number of the multiplier. Thus, the points multiplier increases over the days, missions and dissemination through referrals, shares and clicks.


To be able to withdraw you must create your wallet inside the platform. As you go view, just create and save your passphrase and then just accumulate the first 35 Lunr to make the first withdrawal. It's noteworthy that Lunr is based in Zilliqa.





Thanks for reading this far I hope you succeed.

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Crypto Bits
Crypto Bits

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