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Statera: The opportunities found in each cycle...

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 15 Jun 2022




Greetings Friends;


We quickly and objectively found an opportunity to find Statera(STA) prices so low and in this case for us writers it's the ideal time to accumulate and obtain more and more tokens from this project. By putting the image of Ying and Yang, I can bring the message of rotation, that is, everything in life is based on cycles and the way we see this varies from each person or situation. Returning to the current situation where we find a certain level of panic, we can see that only a few projects with a purpose remain in the market and less are maintained at the market price. In other words, for those who would like to acquire large quantities of any project and especially STA, the time is now. Leaving the guesswork aside and being sensible, we will still have new highs because large sectors such as finance and electronics already use blockchain as a tool and dynamics for their ecosystem.


Enjoying the ride with another view!!!


Yeah my friends the feeling is identical to a roller coaster where adrenaline and fear combine resulting in great screams and despair (Laugs). This market that we are experiencing is similar to this and we must be cautious and patient for new indices and investment levels, in other words, this market is a big dog fight. Bringing all this to the reality of Stetera we see that it is already in its "bottom" and even if it drops a little more the impact is small in relation to the other projects.





I can say that this moment is ideal to study and analyze the possibilities.


It's worth reflecting...



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Crypto Bits
Crypto Bits

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