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Statera (STA): A different vision with a realistic proposal

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 12 Apr 2022



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My goal with this article is to show a different view of the Statera project and how it can directly affect people's daily lives. Thus, the world of DeFi is like a chain that connects decentralization with the world of finance, a basic principle of the Statera project. Entering a passive and solid income in the present times is not something easy, even more with technical proposals and without applications of several projects. The big problem is not to create something on paper that transmits as something great, but to put it into practice in people's daily lives.
The project's main digital asset is the STA, a token natively connected to the Fantom network that forms the cornerstone of the entire ecosystem. In continuation we find 3 bases of this cornerstone.


Statera's contract is designed in such a way that, for each transaction, 1% of the value transacted is permanently destroyed, increasing positive pressure on prices.


The compositing capability of STA and wSTA allows for considerably more arbitrage opportunities, generating volume across the ecosystem.


By indexing a significant portion of tokens to a set of blue chip cryptocurrencies, the market itself can drive price action."


We saw above the description found anywhere in the access links of the project that I mentioned only to make clear the essence of the project.

Despite the ideological, political barrier of each country Statera believes that DeFi technologies should be available to everyone and, by lowering the barrier to entry, are able to provide people with a long-term passive income. That even burning 1% STA on all transactions directly helps in price appreciation and directly influences prices. It will reduce volatility and improve ecosystem potential by directly influencing.   Watch the intro video:    

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Technical specifications:  

Name: Statera

Symbol: STA

Decimals: 18 

Max Supply: 101,000,000

Contract: 0x89D5e71E275B4bE094Df9551627BCF4E3b24cE22          Fantom  



You can find Statera(STA) on the following exchanges:  








For the benefit of the ecosystem, Statera launched its Wrapped, but what is Wrapped? It's an alternative token that has its value tied to another cryptocurrency or asset providing a bridge between different blockchains offering a different set of functionality. Wrapped Statera (wSTA) can only be minted by wrapping our native Statera token. The conversion process will always generate 99 wSTA out of every 100 STA after deflation. wSTA can be securely implemented on 3rd party protocols (such as Balancer), keeping ecosystem deflation through STA token. The wrapped Statera can also be un-minted at any time, returning the STA to the holder.   The tokens on both the Fantom and Ethereum Network's can be stored by using Metamask    


The above data is practically a summary of what you will find more and now? How can Statera influence people's daily lives?   The variation of liquidity pools is the key point that combines the technical terms both mentioned with the reality resulting in additional volume generated through embedded arbitrage opportunities. Thus, the connection between Pools and Blockcahin and fantom connection guarantee high flexibility and increase in passive income. In short, it serves to maintain the high energy index with the lowest possible expenditure and greater passive income.    



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