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Publish0x: The Platform Effect in the Crypto World

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 12 Mar 2023


Greetings Friends;


Creativity is a very important differential for any segment of life and with cryptocurrencies it's no different because in addition to transmitting information and knowledge it's necessary to connect the reader with the real message of the project. Currently we find a saturation of information due to the large number of technical information that is very interesting to a certain extent but unfortunately this technical information does not transmit something new or the essence of the project through an abstract writing. I believe that abstract transmission is the true way to connect the reader with the development and the project itself. So we can conclude that with abstraction new people will be able to connect through a more creative message. For example: connect the reader with references from the past, childhood references, motivational references, and all kinds that push people to think in a different way that goes beyond technical data and mathematical equations.

Where does Publish0x come into this saturation?

The Publish0x platform is the essential tool to break this saturation. It is a place where we can transmit ideas in an abstract way, with quality and creative standards. This platform provides all the basic and advanced resources to transmit messages that can connect people through sensations and reflections. In a practical way it's a blog and articles platform, it allows you to earn by reading and writing articles.

The Power of Knowledge and Connection

Any text, article, document and book is the final signature of the author, that is, through his writing, the message and information contained therein can influence people, movements, circumstances, ideas and everything that can cause a reaction, whether positive or negative. That's why it's essential when writing to be aware of what you're writing and to have at least one guide to reach a conclusion consistent with reality. Therefore, what can not happen is that you or I write something that doesn't make sense because it can affect an information gap in someone's mind or in society as a whole.


When it comes to the crypto world, writing consistently helps the industry to develop further where everyone can enjoy a better and more prosperous future. This advent has paved the way for many people and institutions and is slowly shaping a future for the financial industry and all of this in an increasingly decentralized way. Back to the practicality, new people are connecting to this segment and through what? Through social and informative media and in this case publish0x has and will have a very important role in transmitting information about the segment.

However, we should not worry because the information found on the platform(Publish0x) is of quality and in most cases you will find access links and references to confirm the information you have just read. So it helps to refine and dig out the information you are looking for. In general, this is why I mention that "abstract" is a very important factor because besides passing information in a creative, relaxed way, it stimulates people to click on the links to learn more about the project and generates more visibility on these links.


The Magic of Abstraction...



Writing about abstraction is not something simple because it's not something that is read or written, but something that is lived and felt, that is, it goes beyond an interpretative moment and can be associated to the moment of creation. This ability is innate to the human being, and the more information, experiences and associations we have, the more complex it becomes.

What can we conclude in a nutshell?

In practice it is this ability that makes an author write something that makes people cry, laugh, feel hate, repulsion, feel desires and all possible feelings and reflections.

So using abstraction with writing is an unimaginable power.



This article, in addition to being motivational, is the basis for introducing my vision of writing its possibilities and how abstraction is the final key.

I hope everyone likes and shares...


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