Motivating all those who dream

Kivach: Donating and Motivating all those who dream

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 30 Sep 2022



Greetings friends;


Developing successful products in the crypto world seems like an easy task, but only those who live in this world understand that it's not just about having capital, a team and will, but it requires the need to see the needs of investors and supporters overcoming their limits even if simplicity become paramount. Therefore, it's essential to focus everyone's well-being because that is what will make a project succeed or not. In connection with this reflection in this article I will write about kivach a new by-product of Obyte that aims to energize and encourage developers through donations using simplicity as a utility for all those with amazing ideas and concepts who just need a few incentives. Everyone knows that I write to motivate and not necessarily with technical writing, that is, if you are looking for information and technical derivations, I recommend that you join the community, access the links to find out and do your own research to acquire the information you want. In short, my goal here is to help and show the best through motivation.

Good reading...


What is kivach and what is its purpose?


Using symbols and references can help to motivate people to participate in the project and with the Kivach project it's no different, that is, in his honor it was based on a cascade bringing the idea of ​​fluidity and replacement in a continuous way, encouraging the continuous flow of donations and operations. As mentioned in the introduction Kivach is a new by-product of Obyte that aims to encourage Github developers through donations that's right my friend if you are a library developer and you have an interesting project this is the ideal project for you and for all those who recognize developers as a source and result of the cryptographic world, after all, we can't forget that Satoshi Nakamoto is a developer(worth reflecting). In particular, the Kivach project helps, solves, encourages and recognizes the need to reward library developers by showing users that the end result you find today in virtually all existing projects first crossed the mind of one developer and unfortunately many people forget or they don't know.


Speed and Dynamics



To donate immediately and quickly, just download the Obyte wallet and follow these steps:



After following the steps above you will be able to donate to any of the 28 million public repositories on github. The platform is safe because it's supported by the Autonomous Agent, that is, even if the owner you donated does not recognize your identity on Github, the money will be safe and no one will be able to move until the owner recognizes your identity on Github and receives your donations.


Important, practical details that make a difference...


To encourage open source projects, fluidity and ease of exchanging assets is necessary and it was with this in mind that the Obye project also has another by-product that connects and enables the exchange of various assets in its ecosystem and in this case I'm referring to Counterstake, a bridge hybrid, didactic and intuitive for you to exchange your tokens and assets for Obyte to make your donations. Thus, on the Kivach platform there is the possibility to exchange all Obyte tokens and tokens on other chains (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon) that are exportable to Obyte through the Counterstake Bridge.

Access Coingecko to meet and meet the explorers of the smartcontracts that Obyte is in, such as: Ethereum, BNB, Polygon and Counterstake to learn more and make your exchanges: It's fast and practical.




Using Github as a source of inspiration...


Among the main open source managers Github stands out more because it has a didactic variety and application for different segments of the technological industry inserted in the network and in the crypto world. Bringing this to the crypto world found many developers who depend on other projects or personal resources to make adjustments and important additions that can make a difference in a project or at least in an established segment.



Therefore, there is a gap between knowledge and incentive and it was with this in mind that the developers of Obyte and specifically with their sub-product Kivach propose the connection of reward and stimulus for development(This is incredible). Bringing to reality the Kivach project is open source it suits as a knowledge for any developer to fork, improve and with the possibility of everyone being rewarded. Objectively, the great role of Kivach in relation to Github is to connect, lead and stimulate development in a simple and motivating way.






In my opinion, the Kivach project has everything to be great because, in addition to being simple, it stimulates and encourages development in the crypto world. How many projects are abandoned that need a boost? How many projects that could really change the world? How many projects could help streamline and accelerate the adoption process? How many projects could help connect the world in a joyful and simple way? How many projects could help the health system of several countries? How many projects could help end hunger in extreme places in the world? Yes my friends there are many questions we should ask to truly understand this project. Overall, the most important thing you understand about this project is that it encourages the connection of dreams with reality and this is what is missing today.


All this through what? Cascading donation...







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