The call of liberation?

Kiirocoin(KIIRO)The Call of Liberation? The Answer Lies in You

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 27 Jul 2023


Greetings Friends;

From a practical and maybe theoretical point of view, the possibility of overcoming the impossible only depends on ourselves and despite the difficulties we face on the way we can consider only stones that shape us and make us evolve towards a greater goal. On the other hand, delivering something different in a highly saturated market is a challenge that requires patience and a lot of will. Where do I want to go? Simply in the final goal which is to deliver something worthy and really usable for society as a whole and in doing so adherence will be a consequence. So following the previous reflections, in this article I will write about Kiirocoin(KIIRO) a cryptocurrency project that provides a hybrid ecosystem with Pos and Pow and also directly influence a highly distributed network focusing on high performance, scalability, privacy and participate in AI applications in connection with its blockchain(Yes my friends, we are in the future/laughs).

I cann't forget in the goal of expanding the community through its distribution principles which is summarized in:

- 60% MasterNodes(PoS)
- 20% Proof of Work (PoW)
- 10% Governance Fee
- 10% Community Rewards

With the above policy we can understand how the Kiirocoin(KIIRO) project is committed to differentiating itself even in the hybridization of its blockchain. That's right, with only 20% PoW we find security in the network that influences the accumulation to obtain reward with Masternode(Pos) attracting investors of all levels and also sympathizers.

What is Kiiro?


In connection with the above expressions Kiirocoin(KIIRO) is a project focused on fair and balanced distribution for all purposes of investors, holders, supporters, developers and all kinds of interests for the benefit of a healthy community. Its algorithm is Firopow and being a fork of Firo with influences from Dash and Raptoreum it leverages these resources and power to provide a promising ecosystem.

For those looking for Gem?

Kiirocoin features :

- Provides instant transactions and privacy using lelantus protocol.
- Provides ChainLocks protects against 51% attacks.
- No premine and was launched in a fair and transparent way
- Asic resistance.
- Uses Dandelion++ to hide the source IP of transactions - without relying on any external service(Tor/i2P).

The information above is enough for you to think...

In continuity with my abstract reflections of the Kiirocoin(KIIRO) project I can affirm that with the protocols used in its creation and improvements in its blockchain we can understand that it is prepared to conquer new visions and reflections because we are facing a futuristic project and prepared with the provisions of an AI and possibly direct connections with the Web3(If you are an old reader of my blog you are noticing that in some articles I mention the Web3 because it's very close to stabilizing in the current market).


Anonymity and Magic?

With each passing day in the world of crypto and although the new more transparent and decentralized projects are interesting and promising, we cannot deny that anonymity is the fundamental key to a healthy market and worthy of fair and even safe possibilities in the face of the bad intentions of third parties, be they institutions or even people. Magic can be directed to the dream world where we ourselves seek our infinite source of magic to change our environment and influence people. So I am using my passion of writing with source of magic to spread the word about Kiirocoin(KIIRO) project.

What about you? What is your skill(Magic) that can help this project? I leave this question for you to reflect.



Symbolism and Essence!!!

As everyone can see I used the tennis with wings in different expressions, isn't it? From the 3 images you can see you find an expression and meaning of the tennis. In the first image I used some symbols that represent liberation and power of choice that for some reason affects a person's life. In the second image I used the tennis with wings plus the genius of the lamp to represent the power of the dream and intentional magic in our lives. And in the third image I used the box with the fututistic tennis with wings to express the future and the surprises that life can bring to those who strive and dedicate themselves to whatever they project in their life.

I can't forget to mention that the Tennis with wings is a direct reference to the Greek god Hermes, Greek god of wealth, luck, fertility, sleep, magic, travel, roads, trade, language(information).


Success Depends on You...


Developers' Dream.

Becoming a meeting point for solutions and movements is the dream of those who created this project. Therefore, providing a bridge that connects the Defi world with its blockchain is part of this dream that if put into practice can change the world of crypto and become an advent where it will provide a decentralized financial solution that will really enable transactions and movements of all scales, be they financial and of daily use of the holders. Ease, knowledge, privacy and agility are the attributes that summarize in practice all the functionalities of the project.



Kiirocoin Specifications:


Name: Kiirocoin

Symbol: KIIRO

Algo: Firopow

Circulation Supply: 161,705

Total Supply: 60 million















In this article I wrote something for you to reflect and see how the Kiirocoin(KIIRO) project has great potential to grow in the now and future. Its intentions are summarized in the possibility of connecting worlds and intentions strengthening the idea of privacy. The project is under development and aims to pursue its dreams and goals day and night. Regarding technical terms I tried to use what is necessary for you to understand or even seek such specific information on your own and I recommend that you access the links to learn more. So my primary goal is to make you reflect on all levels of your mind.


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