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The proposal continues...

Dynex(DNX): The proposal continues and with more efficiency

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 9 Dec 2022


Greetings Friends;

This article will be a little different and something I've never done, what do you mean? It will be an article where I will merge and connect technical terms with abstract terms, that is, my idea is to convey the message to different levels of understanding as a whole, with just one article and one writing style. I already advance that my intention is not to play the expert(PhD) but to show you why the Dynex project changed Cryptonight(ASIC) to DynexSolve(Dynex Chip). As you can see in the initial image I used the bridge as a symbol that represents this moment of the Dynex project, what does that mean? It means that in addition to maintaining the solidity of a bridge, the project maintained the connection of its ideals, which are still visible after changing the algorithms.

Before going deeper we need to know what an algorithm is in a cryptocurrency and what it's for. In practical terms we can consider a switch that starts the engine that brings rewards for keeping it running. Yes, my friend, to be more specific, they are calculations and functions that make mining in the world of crypto possible. In general, these algorithms are cryptographic hash functions (a mathematical subfunction that transforms any block of data into a series of fixed-length characters, that is, a function considered practically once performed, impossible to invert) with high complexity that directly influences the tuning and mining difficulty. With that, this algorithm(function) helps to make more or less difficult the complex calculations that can be considered as puzzles that must be solved by the miners and their computational power. That being so, at the end of this calculation and process makes the miners and their computational power perform a complex job that, once solved, allows them to access a reward for that work.


Using Cryptonight as a Base and lever for Development


A famous Cryptonight function is a mining algorithm designed to be especially CPU efficient and ASIC resistant. The idea of this algorithm is to bring a very fast hash and allow for greater decentralization of mining by offering advanced privacy and anonymity options. As part of the well-known CryptoNote consensus protocol, CryptoNight uses the Proof-of-Work(PoW) mining scheme and aims to offer a high CPU dependency, resisting ASIC, FPGA and GPU. Its primary focus is security where it can be considered as military grade cryptography allowing high scalability and running a series of cryptographic tests that are extremely dependent on the cache memory of the CPU processors. But not everything is roses, because if you research this algorithm(Cryptonight), you will know that there was a continuous battle of "hashes" and attempts where Cryptonight lost. Long story short, Monero is the second project to utilize Cryptonight after Bytecoin became the main developer of Cryptonight, where developers constantly updated the algorithm to prevent ASICs from wreaking havoc. However, CryptoNight could not resist the power and attacks of ASICs and lost the battle causing the developers of Monero to announce a successor algorithm(RandomX) declaring the abandonment of CryptoNight. Therefore, despite being an excellent algorithm to implement the concept of anonymity and privacy, CryptoNight is little used, abandoned and unfortunately, most projects that use it are abandoned. Bringing this to the Dynex project is one of the main factors along with the energy factor that made the project's developers also abandon it despite fondly using this algorithm as a basis in their development.

For a long time Cryptonight and its consensus CryptoNote, a technology that allows the creation of egalitarian and anonymous cryptocurrency using ring signatures, was a power until it was tested to the maximum, but nothing prevents other developers from using the same algorithm to execute and test their ideas. However Dynex also crossed the boundaries and released its successor algorithm(DynexSolve).

What's left for Dynex? To thank with affection for the possibility of testing its true strength and the possibility of showing the world something simple with high efficiency.


DynexSolve the Engine that Changes Everything

The DynexSolve Algorithm is the "engine" i.e. the function that replaces the complex calculations of a PoW scheme for the complete use of the Dynex Chip. Now unparalleled with cryptonight the Dynex Chip itself has become the central base where we can consider the brain that performs the complex functions it turns into power and gain. In practical terms, it's the region that can be called a "neuromorphic circuit" that simulates through numerical integration, motion equations and complex calculations the idea of a brain where I already mentioned in my previous article(This is the primordial concept of the Dynex Chip). When running, the Chip is capable of being simulated using virtually any device, from common laptops to desktop computers(CPU and GPU). By doing so, users exchange time and computational power for DNX, the legitimate currency of the Dynex project, influencing the economy and its ecosystem as a whole.


Breaking through the complexity!!!

When executing random and complex hashs there is a very high demand for energy because getting it immediately can be profitable and economical when mining in the PoW system but we know that this is not what happens in practice. Therefore, when dealing with the same problem and its solution, the computer requires greater energy consumption to perform significant calculations. Thinking about it together with the fragility of cryptonight the developers created DynexSolve being ASIC resistant and perfect for CPU and GPU where the process power consumption is very low compared to brute force hashing of conventional PoWs from different designs. The proposal and practical evidence of the DynexSolve algorithm is to solve real-world computational problems while providing proof of work during the mining process, being a first in this segment and variation. Usage is directly influenced by a larger memory, completely escaping the PoW concept.


Practicality of the Algorithm

The DynexSolve algorithm is a fully proprietary technology of the Dynex project, ie it's a unique concept created to help in the expansion of a different mining in benefit of the neuromorphic basis of the project. Its influence is At the beginning of the project, it was based on Cryptonight, surpassing its concepts and way of execution. At the beginning of the project there was the possibility to use Cryptonight to mine or run Dynex chips but now the project is fully focused on Dynex Chips where tests were carried out to see the scalability and reliability of the "product". After the 5Tn+ studies and calculations, the project got the necessary evidence that Dynex Chips also work on a large scale and compute efficiently and economically. Overall, the native blockchain was built with influences on CryptoNote, Monero, Forknote, TurtleCoin and Karbowanec and this you can see in the files and source code on Github. The network keys,(unique IDs) are actually defined in an entirely different file in the source code: p2pnetworks; making the Dynex project once and for all something original and unique.

Watch the video shared on twitter to feel the emotion of that moment...



Dynex Specifications:


Name: Dynex

Symbol: DNX

Algo: DynexSolve

Total Coin Supply: 100 Millions






Note*A new listing is coming...





In my opinion I managed to express and connect the technical and abstract terms of the new DynexSolve algorithm where it has its originality and direct influence on the project from now on. I believe that if I delve more or less I will not deliver the necessary message for you to understand the reason for the change from one algorithm to another. It's worth noting that new data and technical evidence will be updated by the developers, so it's worth staying in the loop and being part of the community by accessing the access links at the end of the article. Regarding energy efficiency, developers are collecting more evidence to exemplify and put it in comparison with other algorithms.

So thanks for coming this far and for being curious to know or learn more about a very promising project.



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