Breaking through and connecting the boundaries

Dynex: Breaking through and connecting the boundaries of computing and thinking

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 10 Oct 2022





Greetings Friends;


Technological advances are welcome at any time in history and today it's something that must be considered essential. The world of cryptocurrencies is an advent that is growing every day with the intention of helping, decentralizing and reinforcing the idea that it's possible to live in a better world where P2P becomes something relevant without the need to have an intermediary in transactions with what happens in the transactions of today's modern world. "Soon we" must think about how to use cryptocurrencies in a more useful and necessary way in our daily lives. Modernity and high technology are the key point of these thoughts and in this article I will write about Dynex a project that dared to go beyond quantum computing; Seriously? That's right my friend, this project, in addition to having high technology, has the resistance and impossibility of being traceable, something that will be essential in the near future corresponding to the expectations of utility and speed (technology). In practical terms, Dynex was born to perform calculations with unprecedented speed and efficiency, that is, to reach unimaginable regions when returning to the field of thought. So below I will detail about the project and what its possibilities are in the market and in the current world. However, I must emphasize that this article is motivational and introductory, meaning my goal is to motivate you and everyone to be a part of the project. Now if you are looking for terms and technical knowledge, I recommend that you access the Whitepaper where the link is at the end of the article and join the community to learn more and stay on top of updates.


What is Dynex? What is your essence? What is your purpose?


In functional terms Dynex is a platform for neuromorphic computing based on a flexible and innovative blockchain protocol. The structure and composition of neuromorphic technology comes from the inspiration of biology where such compositions are able to surpass current quantum computers. Neuromorphic computing is a technology in which the elements of a computer are modeled after systems in the human brain and nervous system. The term refers to the design of hardware and software computing elements. In short, neuromorphic experts draw on a variety of disciplines - including computer science, biology, mathematics, electronic engineering and physics to create artificial systems. The Dynex project is summarized in the constitution of participating nodes in its own neuromorphic network, that is, "decentralized supercomputing" (so we can call it) where it is able to perform calculations with speed with high efficiency. The purpose is to enable the transformation of traditional computers and other components such as mobile devices into a neuromorphic source, that is, a collaboration center where all these devices are connected, generating wealth, sustainability and energy efficiency. In practical terms each device becomes a provider organ.





Its essence is based on the guarantee of a next generation platform where, through neuromorphic computing, it will benefit people, companies and all those who intend to guarantee and seek gains and energy efficiency, a topic that is highly questioned today and in this case the environment and the impact of energy issues. Thinking about the inefficiency and gaps to be filled in the market Dynex was designed for the development of software applications and algorithms that use neuromorphic hardware and are capable of accelerating computation, guaranteeing computational power in the summation and connection of devices. To achieve this goal, the platform connects hosts running neuromorphic chip clusters with users and applications that use this next-generation hardware. So on the Dynex platform, computing time is exchanged for the native Dynex token.


Advances and development...


Dynex also developed a proprietary circuit design, i.e. the developers created the Dynex Neuromorphic Chip, which complements the Dynex ecosystem and turns any modern FPGA (field programmable gate array) based chip into a neuromorphic computing chip that can run orders of magnitude faster than classical or quantum methodologies for a wide range of applications. Such movements are essential for connecting the modern world with the futuristic world because in addition to studying and understanding the compositions, benefits and inefficiencies the Dynex project is serving as a pioneer and guinea pig for this new field and development.

Note***( With Dynex you can convert your ASIC, GPU mining power into Neuromorphic computing power)



Dynex Specifications:


Name: Dynex

Symbol: DNX

Algo: CryptoNight(ASIC) PoW(Proof of Work)

Total Coin Supply: 100 Millions










As it's a new project with great capacity for growth in theory and practice, there is no initial coin offering, pre-mining and no hidden incentives for developers. Therefore, after the Dynex mainnet, all 100 millions DNX tokens will be available according to the issuance schedule ensuring the smoothness of the issuance process. This is a big deal for big investors and supporters looking for a project that is literally at the beginning of currency issues. Now, regarding the quality of the project and its projections, we can calculate some possibilities such as joining and recovering mobile devices that we don't give important and converting them into a money-making machine.

What will you do? Are you going to stand there waiting for such an opportunity to pass? Especially if you are looking for a gem to invest and be part of something new?

It's worth reflecting.





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