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Dragon Crypto Gaming - Aurum: Reaching your heart with the magical world of Dragons worth Gold.

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 10 Apr 2022



Greetings friends;


How are you? Ready to meet an intense project that can go beyond the limits of imagination and warm your heart? There is no doubt that something magical happens in our minds when we think of or see the image of a dragon. Sure? There is a very powerful energy in the symbology of this mystical animal and it doesn't matter the category (Eastern or Western). Dragons are of the fire element, which in turn symbolizes the power of attitude, luck and achievement, but unfortunately they dominate the world of imagination and legends that pass from generation to generation. Yet anyone would love to see one, own one, or even train one, or if you have blood in your eyes and you would like to kill one. I, for example, have a lot of admiration for this mystical animal and I even watched the movie of Godzilla against King Ghidorah (Laughs). I also watched Knights of the Zodiac Shiryu and Dohko with their cholera of 100 dragons (Laughs)

Below I will describe the Dragon Crypto Aurum project and it's worth mentioning that the links and images found in this article are official access to the original links, that is, you can find all the information and technical terms and also be part of the community.


What is Dragon Crypto Gaming Aurum and what is its true meaning and purpose?

In terms of efficiency is a DeFi platform and what would be DeFi? DeFi (or "decentralized finance") is an umbrella term that pertains to financial services on public blockchains and in the case of the Dragon Crypto Gaming Aurum project uses Avalanche(AVAX) as its main network. With cross-network there is a seamless integration for a text-based play-to-earn RPG-inspired game with a yield farm. Yes my friends is a project designed to push the limits. However, there is a large market to be conquered and countless people seek satisfaction and achievements and this project can bring that to you or on a large scale aiming to dominate the gaming world (Blockchain). Offering several opportunities for our community members to earn income in their crypto assets and also NFTs achievements.

Now let's get down to business and get to know the game? You are curious? I confess that I was also in the beginning (Laughs)


A completely different universe...



Clicking on the image above will take you to the game's Website. Another very important detail that you can find technical information by accessing the Whitepaper and there you will be able to understand a technical definition. Here with me it can be analyzed as a possibility that this game and its ecosystem can hit our lives and we cannot forget the sensations that this can bring us.


The game...




As you can see in the video above, the game's interface is pleasant and attractive, prepared to please your eyes and your mind with essential color palettes that specifically remind you of a medieval world. The metaverse of the game designed to expand infinitely and with the passage of development new features may appear. That's right my friend with your opinion and interaction in the community the game can gain features you dream of for the game and of course with everyone's acceptance. After all, you are the one who makes the project with the community and the developers are just sculptors who shape the work that everyone wants (worth reflecting).

Clearly, you will notice that all items and characters in the game are NFTs and can be freely traded on the in-game Marketplace using the $DCAU token.

$DCAU token? What would it be? How to get?

Dragon Crypto Aurum(DCAU) will be the most valuable token in the "Dragon Crypto Gaming" ecosystem with a limited supply Below you will see the technical specifications:


Name: Dragon Crypto Aurum
Token Symbol: DCAU
Total Supply: 155,000
Minted for Swap: 50,000
Farming Rate: 0.0165 per second
Minted for Initial Liquidity: 3000
Token Address: 0x100Cc3a819Dd3e8573fD2E46D1E66ee866068f30
Network: Avalanche(AVAX)

Aurum is the Latin word for gold, and its chemical symbol is Au. This is how the token name was coined: DCAU - Dragon Crypto AUrum



You can get it quickly through the exchanges:



Elk Finance


Stay tuned for upcoming updates.


For the benefit of the well-being and alternatives of the ecosystem, the DCG universe is creating a possible economy that will directly influence the limits of its universe, but what does that mean? It means that you will have gold coins (DCAU) and silver coins (DCAR) both with their values and economic significance, so you can accumulate on both fronts and swap for both as soon as you want. Of course, respecting the values and their fees. So the first quarter of 2022 will see the pre-order release of $DCAR. Thus, users can exchange coins and tokens like AVAX in the game bank to buy exclusive NFTs that will receive DCAR at a discount. DCAR can be wagered to generate income in DCAR and DCAU.


Token Address: Coming Soon
​Name: Dragon Crypto Argenti
Token Symbol: DCAR
Total Supply: 40,000,000
Public Sale Price: $0.30
Token Price at TGE: $0.35
Initial Fully Diluted Market Cap: $12,000,000
Initial Market Cap: $800,000


Argentum is the Latin word for silver, and its chemical symbol is Ag. This is how the name of the token was coined: DCAR - Dragon Crypto ARgentum


Stay in the loop and follow the Journey


However, you need to buy a DCG hero to be able to play Legend Of Aurum Draconis, meaning an NFT avatar is required. You can buy an avatar with $DCAU, $DCAR(Coming Soon), Avax or Wavax take a look at the nftrade platform. There will be a set number of characters, released in market lots. Over the course of the game and your performance, you will see that the higher your rank, the more starting stats you can spend gaining experience and levels through our minigames that are used in every level that comes up. Leveling up will give you new stat points to increase your avatar's value and chances of winning.



I could write a book about the details of the game, and its possibilities but unfortunately that's not the intention. My intention is to motivate you to know more about the ecosystem. The game has a map to explore, a variety of avatars that you can choose and buy according to your taste and personal identification, a market with expansion items for your character (Avatar) and not to mention the famous Golden Dragon. Golden Dragon? I'm not going to tell you (Laughs) Watch the video above and go to links to learn more.


Limited editions with rarity content(NFTs)

I couldn't finish the article without mentioning the limited editions of Tiny Dragons and Dragon Nest, each with its own particularity but both with a high level of rarity. I will talk about them...


Tiny Dragons



Tiny Dragons is a small ecosystem of 1000 NFTs and games specifically on Avalache C-Chain that you just need to connect your web3.0 app (Metamask) to interact. By trading on the nftrade platform and purchasing your Tiny Dragon, you can join the battle and play to win. In the game you level up your dragons by increasing their stats and battle strength and all that with $DREGG acquired in battles. You can also use $DCAU to level up your tiny dragon and unlock higher level matches with bigger rewards. Don't forget to enter the lottery to win tiny dragons and $USDT prizes and more. Any questions? Watch the video to learn more...






Dragon Nest


The project is gigantic and in addition to Tiny Dragons Dragon Crypto Gaming will launch an exclusive and highly limited NFT series, what? That's right a limited edition that can be staked on all tiers of the farm and games to earn attractive rewards. When becoming a Dragon Nest supporter you should know that the cost of the Dragon Nest is 1500 USDT. What? Is it an absurd price? Really? There are 25 NFTs available, numbered from 1 to 25 (Laughs) Do I need to explain why the price? Will you expect to reach 50K UDST? It only has 25 units and can only have a maximum of 2 per address. It's worth remembering that supporters will receive rewards for shared selling. The funds raised from the sales of Dragon Nest will be divided between marketing and the Hunt for the Golden Dragon prize. (Now you know, right? (Laughs) Did you watch the video above?)




In my opinion it' is a great ecosystem and a great diamond for any supporter and investor looking for something to support and be a part of as a whole. This project is the best of the GameFi universe, but what is GameFi? In simple terms they are all-in-one discovery games for games, guilds and metaverses i.e. the marriage of gaming and blockchain-based financialization. Want to know more? Access GameFi

In conclusion there are many ways and points of view to write an article and I wrote it specifically this way to interact with you and I hope you like it. It is worth mentioning again that all the content can be found in the access links and that you are more than invited to be part of the community and get to know the project better.





My Address Avalanche(AVAX) C-Chain:




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