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Devcoin(DVC): In Direct Connection with the Source

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 18 Apr 2022


Greetings friends;


I will write about Devcoin a project inspired by Bitcoin also having its algorithm but with a difference in evidence and in this case the infinite supply. After the first 6 years of Bitcoin's launch and development, there was a moment when talented programmers and developers began to express their ideas and worldview so that we could possibly live in a better society. Therefore, Devcoin was created in 2011 with the purpose of being part of the development of digital technologies and an incentive server for all those who sought or deserved payments for their services and executions in the crypto world.

Despite the recent updates that I will also mention, it should be clear that for an old blockchain its principle and need is very simple and I believe that blockchains should stay that way but we find big changes in different projects today. In short, Devcoin is based on P2P like Bitcoin sending and receiving.


What is Devcoin?

In connection with the above introduction Devcoin was created in 2011 to support open source projects by programmers, hardware developers, writers, musicians, painters, graphic artists or any other profession, talent that needs expression. Being the first project to encourage and reward open source work (Creative Commons). Mining is merged in fusion with Bitcoin aiding and hashing power on Bitcoin's main chain and its own.

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Name: DevCoin

Symbol: DVC

Algorithm: SHA-256 merged mining

Retarget every 1 day( There are 50,000 coins per block, of which 90% goes to funding open source projects. 5,000 are given to miners, 45,000 are given to the people distributing Devcoins to artists and contributors)

Max Supply: Infinite
















Being part of the present through tokenization...

Devcoin has a branch of the project for the Stellar blockchain with the same purpose and another interesting one, which in this case is to avoid dumping the whales, further strengthening its payment principles for developers. Yes my friends being part of the current situation and taking control of the project is essential to stay visible in a market.

Token Specifications:


Name: KiloDevcoin

Symbol: kDVC

Total Suply: 123,815


1 kDVC = 1,000 DVC




Interstellar Exchange




Devcoin is an interesting project that is still on the market and there is no abandonment from developers. It would be very interesting if Devcoin were to enter the C-Chain universe, that is, to be part of the metamask and Web3 service, even though the project has a background in Steem and Hive. This would create an influence on the creation of NFTs and possibly the metaverse. Web3 is the future and this future is becoming more and more present.





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