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Dero(DERO): The financial key is in your hands

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 30 Apr 2022



Greetings Friends;


This article is about Dero a decentralized platform with Smart Contracts and services and all this with private integrity and high scalability. However, before describing the project I would like to mention about the symbolism that made me write about the Dero project. In a way, your logo carries a lock and we know that a lock represents a symbolism of solidity or the possibility of opening something new and unexpected. I believe that with this idea behind the project, it can show how much the development team and how much the product delivers with these associations.

We live in a world(reality) where everything has its meaning and by logic we associate what brings us benefits and takes us to the paths of prosperity, following this path the project brings with it this idea, privacy and also the possibility of something new. Bringing these concepts to the crypto world, privacy is something important and we should not forget and Dero can deliver that and much more. Below I will detail the project and how it can help you, your company, municipality or even on large scales of application such as large corporations and institutions and all this adding up to the complete audit capability.


What is Dero? The real Padlock of Today?





Here I'm again bringing the magic of symbolism that connects us with the real world and the abstract world of imagination (Laughs). Bringing this idea back to life, we find in Dero not only the symbol but also its blockchain, which represents the idea of a padlock where solidity, resistance and privacy go together for the benefit of its ecosystem. The Dero project has developed a platform for developers to deploy secure, open, scalable and privacy-preserving decentralized applications(Smart Contracts). Therefore, it has 51% resistance to attacks, that is, its protocols are unbreakable and all this aimed at private transactions, security and convenience for you or any business level.

Now, analyzing the concept of innovation, we can conclude that it's necessary for any project in any segment of life and that this modality guarantees the extension and rise of a project. Bringing Dero to this rationale, we find in his blockchain some innovations that guarantee security and speed in development and implementation. Therefore, Dero was the first to implement BulletProofs/Zero Knowledge Reach Proofs (NIZK) and, thus, studying its applications with other reach proofs (Benedict Bunz, XMR, Dalek Bulletproofs) improving the implementation in his own ecosystem, making justice to their ideals. All these innovations and other improvements can be found in the documents and access links mentioned at the end of the article where you can also be part of the community. My goal here is to send an introductory and motivational message to motivate you to be part of the project.

Benefits of using Dero...

As it's a highly original and authentic project, we must take into account the possibility of great adhesion, but why? Well, we know that when we do something different, even if it's something new, people and the social environment have a tendency to get curious and want to know its meaning, sure? Exactly, below are its specs.


Dero Specifications:


Name: Dero

Symbol: DERO

Algo: AstroBWT

Total Suply: 21 Milions/Docs



DERO blockchain salient features
- DAG Based: No orphan blocks, No soft-forks.
- 51% Attack resistant.
- 60 Second Block time.
- Extremely fast transactions with one minute/block confirmation time.
- SSL/TLS P2P Network.
- Homomorphic: Fully Encrypted Blockchain
- Dero Fastest Rocket BulletProofs: Zero Knowledge range-proofs(NIZK).
- Ring signatures.
- Fully Auditable Supply.
- DERO blockchain is written from scratch in Golang.
- Developed and maintained by original developers.

Important Warning:
DERO migrated from Atlantis (CryptoNote) to its own blockchain protocol (Stargate)

Did you like it?

To add to my abstract reasoning in bringing the benefits of Dero I would like to highlight 3 specific items:

- Protocol (Stargate)
- Developed and maintained by original developers.
- Fully auditable supply.

What is Stargate?

In short it's the first protocol (Blockchain) of homomorphic cryptography implemented to bring the new as mentioned. Now, technically summarizing account activity on the DERO network, it's never decrypted by anyone other than its owner using a homomorphic encryption protocol and that includes transactions and smart contracts. Rounding out is Stargate, which supports public and private smart contracts within the Dero ecosystem.

Putting the last two items into analysis, we see that the developers are original and the supply is fully auditable. What does that mean? It means that the language being used is Golang and it also means that there are people dedicated to the well being of the project and who are prepared to make any kind of change for the benefit of the greater good and in this case it's you and the entire crypto community. Fully auditable supply? It means that the entire supply is transparent and in sync with the ideals and proposals.





Where to Buy Dero?










Only the primary details of the project were mentioned and as I mentioned above it's just a motivational introduction and that I could write in detail but it would lose the meaning of my proposal which is to motivate you to get to know the project. There is a lot of theory and literature in the access links and you are invited to learn more about the Dero project. In my opinion it's a great project and it has great market potential.


Be part of the community and stay on top of updates; access the links below and participate!!!

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