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BitNo(BITNO) - An ecosystem for Earnings and for Fun

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 14 Jan 2023


Greetings Friends;


In this article I will write about Bitno a project that will provide a fun ecosystem with earning possibilities and interaction as a whole. The idea of the project was to connect the conventional use of digital currency for the greater good and in this case the application of continuous use, with the possibility of saving and receiving for this due to the alternative of stakes that I will explain below. The project is different compared to the others because it intends to bring a fun theme connecting with the current moment and having a margin of adaptation as the crypto market and world changes.

Maybe you are tired of looking for an alternative to save your reserves while there is an alternative of application and earnings to maintain and interact with the ecosystem. Bitno was born to meet this need to overcome stagnation and go beyond being among the various projects intended only for buying and selling. Taking it to the emotional and personal side, we can understand that stagnation is a negative factor because it doesn't provide learning and evolution and can be analyzed in any segment of our lives. Since the only way to break the limits of prosperity is to do something new that provides earning alternatives to boost our desires and increase the desire to seek more and more.


What is Bitno?

Adding to what I mentioned in the introduction Bitno is a cryptocurrency that will provide a crypto casino that is an open and free digital casino for everyone with an interest in this type of application. The project will provide easier ways to earn, get extra rewards and win big lots of prizes. The platform is in an alpha state and is still being adjusted. Another interesting possibility that I mentioned in the introduction is that by holding Bitno and betting on Bitno, you can earn stakes, that is, you get an extra bonus for keeping it in your wallet or even on the Bitno.Casino platform. If you block and bet an amount on the platform you will increase your Rakeback, bonuses, possibilities and other advantages that are being developed to attract more and more people and interaction.

A possibility of immediate gain and betting little...

In real life, the lottery is something that we buy a ticket and bet on numbers, images or something related and on the Bitno platform it will be no different and there will be alternatives to bet on lotteries by betting little with an absurd possibility of winning.


Interactions and their Options...

Below you will see images of the platform and with a nice interface.


As you can see above, these are some examples of official games on the platform and, as you can see, there are also several options for winning and betting entertainment. Another interesting fact about the platform is that it will provide live games in real time. Therefore, to encourage new players and professional players, the developers have reserved an amount for this type of marketing and in this case for "Streamers"


A differential that can be the key to new Accessions



Above are the options that can be a differential when keeping interactions constant on the platform. The simple game options can be an option for those who are tired of the conventional casino and are looking for a simpler and lighter alternative to win. The platform's idea is to keep you and everyone in a comfortable situation for your earnings and interactions. I believe that this expansion can be the key to the success of the platform because it can attract gamers and all related segments.

The Web3 and NFT segment can be a future alternative if there is the possibility of adding new people to the ecosystem and interaction. Another alternative that can connect this option is the alternative of the metaverse that is erased due to devaluation and that can still come back and get a level of respect. The Bitno project and its developers have a solid foundation but are not skeptical to the point of ignoring all possibilities of leveraging the ecosystem with alternatives and adaptations.

Please note that this is just a reflection on my part.

Fennec Specifications:


Name: BitNo Coin

Symbol: BITNO

Algo: X11 POS(Proof of Stake) + Masternodes

Total Coin Supply:  21 Millions









In my opinion, this project can be an alternative among the various options for accumulating reserves and sending/receipts. However Bitno provides possibilities for winning in a fun way and blocking and betting. We can analyze this project from different angles, but the main thing is the necessary interaction to overcome the barriers that I accumulate simply and waiting for appreciation. It's not wrong to buy a project and expect to increase in value, there is a possibility of doing this by interacting with the platform, earning bonuses and waiting for the increase in value that you projected. Therefore, you can wait, interact and earn as your dreamed valuation arrives.

In summary, it's a formidable project for those looking for mobility in their reservations without the need to spend hours looking for a project to just wait and value. I cannot forget to invite you to be part of the community and participate in the process of evolution from the alpha state to the state expected by the developers. The project has reserves for marketing and development in general and you can stay on top of updates and follow the entire ascension process.

It's worth knowing about(Bitno)


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