Reserving your Future

Bitgesell(BGL) - Reserving your Future and your Values

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 20 Apr 2022



Greetings Friends;

In this article I will describe the Bitgesell project which has a simple and solid concept when it comes to reserve values. Currently, the crypto world has several possibilities for reservations and that we are hardly sure of something true or that we can at least trust and reserve values. Yes, unfortunately flexibility is something that we must keep in mind and as a tool of analysis for possible acquisitions. Using motivational thinking, I would like you to reflect on what you are looking for and why you admire and dream of prosperity in the digital world.

Through a good reflection on the reality and the basic thinking that Bitcoin opened the doors of prosperity in the crypto world we can get to really interesting projects and Bitgesell is one of them. Therefore, the stability we are looking for is in the Bitcoin.(Bitgesell owns the code)



What is Bitgesell? what's your Purpose?



In basic terms Bitgesell is a tribute to Silvio Gesell a German-Argentine, theoretical economist, social activist and thinker about the concept "freigeld" (free money in German). So no matter the scale, his thoughts have influenced modern monetary policy.

We soon found the "freigeld" concept in the Bitgesell project because the developer EmmaWu saw in the crypto world a flaw that would face the same problem in today's life. In sum, he added more digital gold properties (Bitgesell) to aggregate and guarantee solid value reserves for possible market scarcity.

What's the purpose?

Ensuring financial success requires knowledge and where we will apply our money, correct? Exactly, but when does it become flexible? This is where the problem I mentioned in the introduction is, that is, the lack of trust is one of the factors that compromise economic stability. Therefore, money was created to guarantee the flow of negotiations between people, companies, institutions and the state with a lasting purpose in the economy and also to guarantee fortunes. Bitgessel was born to solve this problem of instability through the valorization and search for the digital other. Overall, Bitgesell real purpose is to decentralize the control of fortunes where each investor or sympathizer guarantees their store of value and untying from centralized banks.



Bitgesell Specifications:


Name: Bitgesell

Symbol: BGL

Algo: Keccak (sha-3)

Total Suply: 21,000,000







Mining Dutch






How to buy Bitgesell(BGL)?




Bitgesell Connections

In addition to having its own blockchain, Bitgesell has expanded to the Ethereum and BnB network to intensify the idea of booking values. So you have different ways to reserve BGL in connection with WBGL( Wrapped) look:


Wrapped BGL Specifications


Name: Wrapped BGL

Symbol: WBGL

Decimals: 18

ETH Total Suply: 394,000

BSC Total Suply: 410,000

Contract: 0x2bA64EFB7A4Ec8983E22A49c81fa216AC33f383A

ETH Explorer

BSC Explorer



Bitgesell Bridge

ETH: UniSwap (V3)

BSC: Pancakeswap(V2)

The contracts were audited by CertiK


Now with these network branches Bitgessel(BGL) can be part of web3 through possible creation of NFTs and participation in the metaverse. That's right my friend, there is a great possibility that in the near future you will reserve values in your wallet or in a virtual world using the Bitgesell flag.

What do you think about it?

There are great possibilities...




In my opinion, the Bitgesell(BGL) project has a good development and is ready to be part of the current situation through its portfolios and also its marketing investment.


Access the links to learn more and be part of the community!!!


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