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Happy New Year and Good Investments

Bitgesell(BGL) - Happy New Year and Good Investments

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 31 Dec 2022


Greetings Friends;

This is practically my last article for this year and specifically for Bitgesell. To be clear I will just reflect on a year of many tests for all levels of investors and supporters. Therefore, you will not find necessary motivations that connect the project, but in this article you will find reflections that connect the now or any moment of your life. In other words, even knowing that the focus of the Bitgesell project is to reserve values with security and autonomy, the idea of the article is just to reflect,thank the learnings that we find in this year and dream of a better future in 2023.

Maybe you are currently reflecting on what to do to invest in a project or which option is right to place your trust and comfort, but perhaps you do not have the correct and necessary option to match your expectations. The big question you should reflect on is how and where you should place your hopes for a better future.

A locomotive? A better future...


By using the locomotive as an example, we can understand that it's the symbol of pioneering. By connecting this symbol with the Bitgesell project, we must understand that it seeks to adapt to the market's innovations and needs. Unfortunately or fortunately, Bitgesell seeks to stay ahead of the abandonment that blockchains have been suffering and seeks to adapt to the world of L1 or L2/Web3 (I invite you to research this technical aspect further). Currently, the main network does not have large movements and all movements are limited to the BSC/ETH network. In practical terms, the developers are analyzing the possibility of joining a new exchange or are waiting for the result of just being in migration with the alternative network (BSC/ETH). This move can bear interesting fruit and see how the market moves with the adaptations or abandonment of traditional trade in centralized exchanges. Returning to the main theme, which in this case is the end-of-year reflection, we can understand that if we have the opportunity to be alive, we have the possibility of making excellent choices. However, we know that in the world of crypto, positive choices don't necessarily depend on a person, but on a set of possibilities and opportunities that we find along the way. Despite winning or losing, we must keep in mind that there will always be tomorrow and new opportunities await us so that we can conquer the prosperity we dream so much. Being prosperous is a necessary balance to make excellent choices and have peace of mind so that we can sleep peacefully.

Another topic we can focus on is the bear market where Bitcoin directly influences due to the connection with all possible pairs in traditional markets. Therefore, we find a Bitcoin pair for any project, making it adapt to current prices. So again, we can understand that the bear market is a unique opportunity to get to know the real projects and how their community behaves in difficult times.


In connection with the reflections what can Bitgesell offer in the near future?




As I said above, developers are trying to understand the market in a more practical way, that is, how it can help the project reach high levels. Putting our feet on the ground, what we can currently find in the project is an alternative migration from the main network to an alternative network. We must wait for future updates and their result due to high demand and alternatives. The future is an uncertain alternative that we place our expectations and hopes on. In my opinion, it's not wrong to dream because it's an energy that moves us and takes us out of our comfort zone.

The invitation is open for you to reflect on your year and how it affected your negotiations and especially how the market moved and affected your choices. In theory it is very easy to say that we can make the right choices so that we can earn big profits, but in practice it involves many things and without mentioning what the individual must have when trading and getting involved with the world of crypto.(Emotional).


Below are the specifications and trade option:


Bitgesell Specifications:


Name: Bitgesell

Symbol: BGL

Algo: Keccak (sha-3)

Total Suply: 21,000,000







Wrapped BGL Specifications


Name: Wrapped BGL

Symbol: WBGL

Decimals: 18

ETH Total Suply: 394,000

BSC Total Suply: 410,000

Contract: 0x2bA64EFB7A4Ec8983E22A49c81fa216AC33f383A

ETH Explorer

BSC Explorer


Swap Bitgesell(BGL):

Currently, the official network doesn't contain an exchange to carry out sales and purchases. Therefore, the best thing to do is to trade on the alternative network (BSC). Don't forget to use Bitgesell Bridge to perform BGL to WBGL swap.

Bitgesell Bridge

ETH: UniSwap (V3)

BSC: Pancakeswap(V2)

The contracts were audited by CertiK



In general, reflection is the only way to understand our actions and attitudes in the conventional world and in the world of crypto. Maybe the best thing you can do right now is to relax and enjoy with your family because without them your emotional structure can be shaken and even if you don't have a family you can wish happiness to a friend or someone with great affection. As for me? I wish you excellent reflections and that this year becomes an example to understand that nothing in this world is eternal and nothing is stable.

Happy New Year!!!


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