Correction is inevitable

Bitcoin: The sooner the better! Correction is inevitable

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 30 Jun 2022





Greetings Friends;

In a way the charts showed a rise to 23K and a possible fall to 18K again but the market didn't have enough strength to boost prices. So the next correction range is between 18K to 10K and we can work with variation ranges from 10K to 20K. However, the theories are wonderful, but they do not correspond to the current reality of inspection of large companies that insist on leveraging millions and millions. Bill Gates mentioned the theory of the last fool and this is being applied in the crypto world for better or worse and this must end. 

Analyzing the market from 1 year ago we were in the process of ascension but now we are in the process of correction. The big question is where the market will go to guarantee a solid support that corresponds with the technological development of the market. It's that old maxim.

"No innovation? No rise...


What will happen if the market breaks the 10k support range?



Not being pessimistic but bringing this to the current reality we can expect that many large projects will fail and many medium and small projects will disappear. Yes my friends it can be an apocalyptic scenery but it can correct the ideas of people who think that cryptocurrency is a new stock exchange and Satoshi's main idea is decentralization and Bitcoin being worth only 1 Bitcoin. 

Another important factor of this event is the sifting of many tokens that are on the market just to take our money and with no purpose. For you to have an idea just on the Ethereum network there are more than 11000 projects that somehow there is no limit or control for such creation and development of random projects. Perhaps such a great pain of loss can make these developers think differently.

We learn in Pain or in Love.... We who choose.








We should enjoy life, our family and loved ones more and wait for this market cleaning to happen...


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