Transferring crypto from Publish0x to Binance

Transferring crypto from Publish0x to Binance

By PressF | Crypto Billionaire | 20 Sep 2021

Hello fellow crypto billionaires. Since registering on Publish0x and starting writing content I have generated a small amount of crypto. It’s not much, let’s be honest, but writing on Publish0x is the first time for me publishing any content. Therefore I am more than happy to receive any financial feedback on top of it. By now I feel more confident with crypto, far from being a specialist or anything similar, but now I do not feel stupid talking about crypto as knowledge is starting to stick. So I have decided to send my hard earned coins to Binance and put them to good use. Most likely for Staking, more on that in my previous articles Binance Staking and Update on Binance Staking.

Publish0x does not recommend to send funds on a wallet which is linked to an exchange and gives an extra disclaimer that one should withdraw funds to an exchange address at their own risk. So I have decided to take that risk on me and experiment with what little I have. It is crucial to notice that Publish0x sends funds to on-chain wallets using Ethereum (ERC20) network only and it is each users responsibility to make sure that the wallet, or exchange one is withdrawing funds to accept tokens which are being withdrawn. 

My balance on the moment of writing is: 


Since I do not meet minimum withdrawal criteria for On-Chain transfers on AMPL I will send FARM.

As you can see in the upper picture, before sending funds I need to add a payment option before one can withdraw. In order to find the correct On-Chain address we need to go to Binance and choose an option to deposit crypto. Select the correct coin we want to deposit and add the network which is supported both by Binance and Publish0x. 


Next step is to copy the network address and paste it as an On-Chain address on Publish0x. Upon adding a new address, Publish0x will ask for confirmation via email.



After you have confirmed the new address you will have an option to withdraw your funds. 


Important notice withdrawals from Publish0x are usually each Monday and the deadline to request payout is Sunday, 6 PM UTC. This is very important to notice, as if you make a request after the deadline you will have to wait for another whole week for your withdrawal to be processed by Publish0x. 

After I have accepted withdrawal from my Publish0x account I received an e-mail for confirmation, an extra step of security. The difference in FARM tokens is due to the difference in days of writing this post. The Below image is newer and up to date.


After my confirmation there will be an additional confirmation via e-mail from the Publish0x team.


Interesting note - When I check Publish0x information for On-Chain withdrawals I see that next payout date is 4th of October 2021. I was like, okay, let’s wait and forgot about it. Opening my e-mail box today, I was positively surprised as both Binance and Publish0x had confirmed the transaction. See bellow:




  • You can withdraw funds to an exchange, but be extra cautious doing it;
  • Always crosscheck findings, as tedious as it might be it might save you money in the future;
  • Experiment with small amounts of resources which you may lose;


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