Feedback on PreSearch, Brave and a vow

By PressF | Crypto Billionaire | 26 Apr 2021

Hello friends, my initial plan to become a crypto billionaire by the end of April has gone through the chimney faster than Santa Claus running away from dozens of cats my mother has. But fear not, I will survive!. As you might have understood from the previous post, my experience in writing content is closer to zero than the temperature in my fridge, and for some obnoxious reason this task requires diligence, time management and self-control. Therefore I have decided that I will come out of the closet and state: I PressF solely vow to the Publish0x community and promise to write at least 1 post per week!

To be fair I have a fair reason. I am finalizing my master’s thesis and god it takes time. If anyone should care about the topic of the thesis: “Demand side management implementation effectiveness. Comparison between commercial, residential, and industrial use-cases, case study.”. You can leave a ping if I should create another digital memorandum on that topic here as well. 

But let’s not waste this post and share some insight as well. In the previous post I wrote about my passive crypto hussels via PreSearch and Brave browser.

Firstly Brave - I have been integrating Brave to my everyday life since December 2020. Up til now everything seems to move on smoothly. User experience is fairly good and even better than Chrome, which was and still is my main browser. The occasional advertises are not too distracting and blocking of unwanted commercials is working perfectly. Chrome is still good, but lately I have been thinking that I am too attached to Google and under diversification of investments we all know that having all the eggs in one basket is not good risk management. Therefore I will be slowly but surely moving away from Google and implementing new service providers to my everyday life. Yes, from one point of view I will definitely increase complexity, but on the other hand I would not like to end up in a situation where I am solely dependent on one service provider who has my full history and my basically do anything with the data they have. Seems logical to me.

Secondly PreSearch - Implementing PreSearch has not gone as well as I would have wanted. The ease of use on Google search is still better and search results are more exact. Of course this might be due to the fact that Google knows more about me than God himself. So this requires still additional work from my side.

Thirdly - What’s with all those new services that provide you with random tokens for using it? For instance just today I stumbled upon DTube. Apparently a “community” powered video sharing platform which rewards its users with cryptocurrency? Am I born yesterday or what, how can their “DTube Coins” possibly have any value outside of DTube’ economic area? Explanations welcomed in the comment section!


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