What is a BOT and how does it earn 8% / month without investments

By 7R5 | Crypto beginner | 17 Jul 2020

Do you want to know what a BOT is and how to easily earn 8% per month on your capital without investments?


TRADESANTA, just access the TradeSanta website, associate an exchange with your trust among those listed among which Binance, set up a BOT and you're done

The BOT will exchange coins according to your directions 24 hours a day for 365 days a year


The BOT will ask you only a few parameters such as, for example, which PAIR do you want to use, if LONG or SHORT, when to enter, a take profit in%, how much to invest for subsequent entries and how much to do (always in%)

The site is very detailed, simple and there is a very precise online help, as well as many online tutorials

Profits are around 8% on average with peaks of 10% and if you are very good at 12% PER MONTH


The service offers you 5 free days with 50BOT and then $ 20 a month or $ 120 / year
There is also a Free version with only 2BOT


I feel good and getting up in the morning and seeing my crypto increase puts me in a good mood :-)

Come in and try

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Crypto beginner
Crypto beginner

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