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Master Chief

The Flight is Gone but the Grind lives on

Hello Publish0x and welcome to another

Halo Happening 

transmission incoming—-

awakening from cryo-freeze—


Halo will be 20 years old in November, the year is 2021 and by the end of this revolution round the sun Halo: Infinite will be upon us. This may not mean a whole lot to most, but for the small, yet vocal Halo community the world will forever be: Infinite


The Crypto Batz will be bringing glimpses as they are revealed to us, from 343 and the fan Base itself as we near the premiere of Halo: Infinite. 

I will also probably continue my pattern of shameless self promotion due to under exposure and early stages of most of my endeavors. Like dropping clips of Halo Infinite from my time with the Technical preview pre Beta flight this past weekend, I’ve not forgotten about Music, Crypto and the hunt for freedom within our own finances though. In addition I am hoping to have streaming experiences ready by the time the next Technical preview is established. But I’d like as much feedback as I can get from the collective audiences, especially Publish0x as it has a collective of some of my favorite folks, crypto enthusiasts with a technical fancy and a need to learn. Also my gamers are here and I know 343 isn’t integrating crypto into Halo: Infinite just yet but dream with me for a moment, what if? 

what if a  highlight reel from MintBlitz ( probably one of the most fascinating and exciting Halo players in terms of showmanship) could be registered as an nft and sharing it made profits and also has royalties programmed in to where the owner had a stream of income from a literal streaming clip? I’m not a developer or a programmer, I’m more of a big idea spitballer for now and have no idea if that’d be good/bad for games or crypto and I can’t even guess if it would work at all but in this wild world I do believe one thing, anything is possible. Infinite possibilities await and for a comic book fan with a need to create for himself I am so excited to be take off to Zeta Halo and find whatever secrets the Banished and the Covenant have hidden away as Master Chief embarks on his newest adventure. That will be Holiday 21’ whatever that means, but optimists can dream of a November release date for a 20 year anniversary 🦇


I made a video yesterday and uploaded it twice with differing filters, the video is a few random clips from my Infinite Flight and in the background is my Track: Book Of Wayne 


let me know what you think and which version you care for better? I know the comic book filter isn’t as sharp as it could be but I liked the effect too much not to use it Comic version

regular filter


these clips showcase some of the new features in the game, the grapple hook and threat sensors in particular, the new weapons commando rifle and the ravager can be seen on the indoor map “recharge” the desert looking map is “Bazaar” and they are probably the two favorites from the flight but probably just because the grapple shot is on them both! ( grappling is one of the coolest features about Infinite and it’s the first time it’s been on any of the Halo games so it’ll be interesting to see the community’s feelings towards although they seem mostly positive so far 

Thanks for tuning in, follows thumbs up and comments all greatly appreciated tips are always  kind as well, for more details about the flight, underground hip hop, Halo: Infinite and some crypto updates check back in with the Crypto Batz <^•_•^> till next time 


be well 



343 Community Outreach Director Sketch’s Twitter-Brian Jarrard (@ske7ch) / Twitter halo inside infinite


I am not and have never been a financial advisor, or anything other than an entertainer giving an educational view on certain aspects of digital currency. Do your own research, stay informed and don’t listen to any one source. Danny Wayne Injuztiz: Introduction Vol 1 Mixtape



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My first track as an NFT -


Celo’s wallet and app Valora referral- Halo infinite pre beta flight grappleshot on Recharge




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<^•__•^> Crypto Batz

I’m no financial adviser, I’m still learning a great deal for myself and have begun a journey to share it with others if you find it educational or entertaining then feel free to pass it along



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