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Master Chief Returns

Hello Publish0x, it’s your friendly neighborhood crypto-Bat here. Welcoming you to a very special introduction to a segment I fondly plan on calling Halo Happenings, or something to that effect. The good news is 343, the company that took up the mantle of the Halo Franchise after Bungie’s final installation in the saga, Halo 3 the widely accepted and frequently referred to as the “real” Halo because 343 had taken bold new steps but in untested directions for the community and Halo 4 and 5 both had their pros and cons but the Bungie loyalists always gave 343 a rough time on the comment sections and Twitter feeds. Some of this was not so deserved. And some of the complaints were valid but most fans of the series have come together and United over the latest developments on the Halo game that will be the focal point in Master Chiefs story for the next decade. 

Halo: Infinite


……is on its way and will be released by Holiday 2021

this weekend was a special one because for the first time in its development of more than 6 years in the making, selected flight participants got to test and see an older build of the multiplayer experience and battle against AI Spartan bots while tossing around grenades that made nostalgia for Halo 3 rise to the surface while chucking spike grenades at the feet of enemy bots. There were a variety of new weapons added to variations of some of the old reliables that we’ve been slaying Covenant with for decades. The equipment is deployable by choice rather than automatically activating so you can pick up over shields but have to activate them to let the boost take effect, same with the Active Camo power up, both of the durations of which have been shortened slightly from Halo 5, for now at least, all the details about the flight are subject to change before release of the full game. in fact a good bit will be different probably because the flight was supposed to give 343 the feedback needed to guide the game to its final stages of development. 

The Batz will be making a series of posts to keep the Publish0x community in the loop of what’s happening with the progress of Halo: Infinite and my goal is to space this series out between other posts and build up some hype for the release this holiday season. I will be honest I was surprised to get into the flight and this was my first experience testing a game and giving any feedback for a beta. I played as much as I could this weekend and worked in the rest of the activities I could along with the technical preview. 

my initial thoughts are… Halo IS BACK!!!!! This is the hybrid between the old journey and the new story yet to take place, the style mimics the bridging of the two visions coming together to make a world of deep space and ancient enemies where the only hope of humanity is the UNSC and the Master  Chief himself. The banished are on the horizon but in this technical preview the AI for the Spartan bots was on full display, over 7 million bots were disposed of by day 3 of the flight but the bots weren’t total slouches. They would react to even the most unorthodox of tactics with resolute precision and made plenty of advanced halo players scratch their heads a few times, I know I certainly was surprised by how effective the AI was especially against surprise tactics like swinging in on the newly added grapple hook. Nothing says “ this game will be great” like feeling at home in your old sci-fi shooter but also having the comic book Batarang to swing around the map with. Batman really enjoyed the grapplehook this weekend and the community pretty much agreed. 

As a technical preview the gameplay wasn’t flawless but it wasn’t supposed to be, I believe 343 did a stellar job of working through adversity and really delivering on a fun unique Halo Experience. There’s so much more to dive into but first I want to hear from you Publish0x, is this an interesting topic and would you like a more in depth analysis of my experience with the pre beta technical preview 343 gave us a look at? Comments, likes, follows and tips are always appreciated but I’d love some feedback about what you as a community would like to see, clips from the weekend? Breakdown of new medals and weapons? Gameplay analysis of the new features for equipment and map movement tips? Which halo was your favorite in the series? Does 343 have your support? The answer to all these and more to be explored in the next

Halo Happening 

for information on technical flights and to sign up join halo waypoint 

343 Community Outreach Director Sketch’s Twitter-Brian Jarrard (@ske7ch) / Twitter halo inside infinite




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