Come for the crypto stay for the Comics

Come for the Crypto stay for the comics


Hello Publish0x and my fellow crypto enthusiasts, I must say in my short experience as a beginning blogger/author I’m thankful for the platform and you the audience, getting to come together to a reputable and well known like Publish0x has been meaningful just in my eyes and my perception of the crypto space. Crypto can change the world. In many ways it probably will, but every participant has a chance to make this bridge of eras more cohesive and more productive while ensuring humanity has developed enough ways to creatively and effectively deal with their large scale problems. Problems that will need large scale solutions. You and I are already part of this habitat.(even those of us without huge investments or still researching) There’s a lot to be said for the curious and often bold newcomers, but always keep a weather eye out in the rocky seas because crypto much like the life of a sailor or crew member, the highs and lows of crypto can be found often in bear and bull markets. So let me conclude this lengthy intro by saying I’m glad we are here to experience this evolution together.


I’m “Danny Wayne aka the CryptoBatz”


and my interest in crypto is not only to learn about the technologies that could change our society for the better but also make an individuals life easier and less infringed than our  residing banksters would appreciate. Speaking personally as a rapper, writer, composer and artist, I believe, crypto will be integral in the realms of music, anything art related or ownership-oriented. It will one day be a reality for goods to be exchanged as NFT’s and the waves of crypto will ebb and flow in numerous blockchain seas carried through parachain inlets and across atomic swap archipelagos. You get the picture. That’s the future I see and I’m going to integrate my art along the way, see you all along the way. Be well


<^•__•^>Crypto Batz


Larrin’s Spotify -


Crypto Batz welcome package for cryptocurrency adoption, below are referrals and starter links for those interested in learning more about emerging markets and technologies,  these are where I started my crypto journey personally

XLM Coin base intro-


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Bat Wallet address for crypto contributions- 0x498c73661ae2627f5985c4c9bbb9e747f0842ec2


My first single- Riddle For Christmas






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Danny Wayne
Danny Wayne

Danny Wayne; Crypto Enthusiast, believer of Freedom, fan of decentralization, writer, artist, gamer and Emcee ES Coin Multi faucet link steady profit on over 10 coins, BTC, Eth, Bat... -

Crypto Batz comic Blog and random ponderings
Crypto Batz comic Blog and random ponderings

A collection of interwoven Fan written Batman stories and thoughts of an aspiring crypto artist/emcee

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