CryptoPunks NFT Sold for $17 Million

CryptoPunks NFT Sold for $17 Million

By Lukros76 | Crypto Banter | 12 May 2021

One of the very first NFT projects that gained traction along with NFT's, Crypto Punks originally released 10,000 of these unique portraits for free and anyone with a Ethereum wallet could own one but alas they were all taken very quickly at a time where no one expected this boom. Now, a set of 9 pixel-art portraits has sold for 16.9 Million USD, they were sold on Christie's Auction. 


These are the portraits in question and as is they don't really look like anything particularly interesting, but for people in the know of how NFT's work and with the limited amount that is 10,000 of them, it makes them extremely rare, and sometimes that's enough to get people to buy them in boatloads.

This auction was the second largest ever, the first was sold for 69 Million USD in a very similar auction.

Another thing to note is that the one in the middle, the blue alien, named CryptoPunk 635, is one of only 8 other aliens within the collection of 10,000.

Have you thought of buying one of them? Or maybe your interested in other NFT's, so what's your take?

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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