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Are any of the top coins a worthy investment at this point?

By Lukros76 | Crypto Banter | 6 May 2021

Hear me out, this is really a question, I'm not gonna sit here and judge you for still investing in them or tell you you shouldn't cause that just isn't the case. I am mostly interested in talking about it and sharing my point of view. And in this case this will be a very simplistic point of view. I'll be looking at this question from a general perspective of an investor, not someone that knows crypto or how long-term they are or anything but just an investor.

So, the top coins (BTC/ETH/LTC...) have all come a long way. They grew over time exponentially which obviously means they are closer to their ceiling than before. Now, this doesn't mean the ceiling is close, it just means that when compared to newer projects they have less obvious room for growth, and this immediately tells me that it is riskier. 

All investments have their ups and downs, same is true for crypto so in this situation, where they have had exponential growth for an extended period of time, without a major fall tells me that the fall might come quite soon, once again telling me that it is riskier.

There is also a lot of hype in general and hype tends to move things higher whether they want to or not, once again somewhat inflating the growth.

Now, there are probably more "negatives" but I'll stop here, these may or may not be valid points and honestly speaking they do somewhat hold a bit of sway over my current thought about the top coins but I still usually look at it from a standpoint that isn't exclusively "an investor" but someone that has been following crypto for a while know and sees that stuff moves differently here... so it's not the same set of rules, tho some do definitely apply.

What I most want to say with all this is that I am neither thinking that it's a bad nor a particularly good investment currently. Why? Cause I just have no clue as to how to judge this. That's why I'm somewhat asking you guys to tell me what you think about this topic! 

That's it honestly, just wanted to discuss this on here! Thanks for reading.

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