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By I_am_CryptoKing | Crypto_B_log | 2 Dec 2020


What is SPECTRE ?


          Spectre is an online financial trading site that allows you to trade on the direction of currencies, gold, silver and EPICs, for financial gain. Uniquely, it offers the ability for traders to earn up to 400% ROI on just one trade within minutes (or even seconds).
          Unlike traditional brokerages, it sits on top of our global auditing technology meaning that it provides unparalleled transparency. Traders may even choose the off-site trading account option and never have to deposit at Spectre to trade with our exclusive broker-less account. Spectre's liquidity pool (i.e. balance sheet) is owned by SXDT token holders who receive rewards based on the traded volume in Spectre.


          As for traditional Forex or Options brokers, who make money when traders lose, Spectre simply earns a volume based technology fee when users trade (regardless of outcome, win or lose). By utilizing cutting edge, crowd-sourced technology, Spectre matches traders against an embedded liquidity pool or other traders on the platform.


DEMO ACCOUNT: Users get immediate and unlimited access to the Spectre trading platform with a risk-free practice (demo) account, and can start trading immediately with virtual funds.
REGULAR ACCOUNT: Users can deposit with ETH or one of many payment service providers. These include Fasapay, UnionPay, Skrill, Neteller, Uphold, and Adv Cash. Debit/credit card deposits coming soon.
WALLET ACCOUNT : This is the fully decentralized, broker-less trading option. Here, users never deposit and all trades are initiated by them through their cryptocurrency wallet whilst using the Spectre trading platform.

Why one should use SPECTRE for trading??

+ An ambitious platform which disrupts the traditional broker trading model and eliminates fraud and manipulation.
+ Unlimited free demo account for those who wish to gain experience in online trading.
+ Clean, simple and easy-to-use user interface.
+ Trader protection algorithms assisting with emotion control, risk management and the ability for a user to track their
stats (monitoring strengths and weaknesses) over time.
+ EPIC indices - based on actual historical currency baskets and allowing for trading 24/7 - including weekends.
+ Hyper-API which can be used to automate trading and allow developers to build automated-strategy-robots,
applications and trading interfaces that interact with the Spectre platform.
+ Spectre Incentive Program (SIP) - each week we give away $1K to the trader who generates the highest weekly volume,
and a huge $50K at the end of every year to the trader with the highest annual volume.
+ Trader’s Bay marketplace for upgrades and privileges.
+ Fast withdrawals with no fees.
+ Data feed from two sources, fully monitored and audited.
+ Low minimum deposit ($10) and trade size ($1).
+ Chain trades offering 400% payout (industry first).
+ Mobile trading for Android devices



In my upcoming posts I'm going to share with you more about this platform. STAY TUNED for more updates.

Thank you for reading my post.

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