What if The Bull Run Never Ends?

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 6 Feb 2021

What if Bull run never ends?

Some of us have experienced the Bull runs of 2013, 2017, and now 2021. Most long term crypto veterans expect the bull run to end at the end of the year probably. But what if it never ends?
Throughout history, all the bull cycles were associated purely with the hype that ended up with selloff. I think this year's Bull Run is different.

Here is why:

Global Adoption

More and more places accept payments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Institutional Recognition

Institutional investors and Billionaires like Grayscale, Michael Saylor, or Elon Musk and many others entering the space with loads of purchasing power.
I wouldn't expect them to dump pretty soon. Ok, we might have some selloff, but at the end of that, we probably won't see the prices as low as we see today.

Actual Use Cases And Projects Build On Blockchain

The key selling point here is creating the demand with actual use cases. Businesses having theirs token launched on Ethereum 4 years ago, today actually have a product. Let's take Enjin coin for example, and the partnership with Microsoft, there is going to be advertising push on the mainstream media!
I highly doubt in the next bear market (if there is one at all), the price of Enjin will go back to $0.40


Another one, Presearch. I expect this company to take a big chunk of advertising in the search engine space because its business model focuses on attracting regular users.
In short: Presearch pays users for everyday searches using either browser extension on a computer or using a Presearch browser on their smartphone/tablet. As everybody does search the web, why not be paid for it in the background?
Advertisers will need to purchase PRE token and stake. The more they stake, the more traffic and exposure they will receive.



Defi is going to be the biggest catalyst causing constant growth of value on the blockchain! Every day new projects are being launched on Ethereum and soon on other platforms . Uniswap, Yield Farming, Lending, Borrowing it will all be decentralized.
Banks will have no chance competing with DeFi that's for sure! Defi exposes how Banks have been ridiculing people with their fees for lending and returns for providing purchasing power to the Banks!

Anyway, I think this time next year we should have more clarity on where this is all going, but from this year onward, I expect the value of blockchain to keep growing like Amazon.

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