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The most important suggestion to Publish0x

Publish0x! When App?

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 12 Feb 2023

Alright guys, not long ago I have made a post about improvement suggestions for Publish0x and just today I decided to elaborate on one.

Mobile app. Create an app! Having dedicated application will increase the user base 10x With that comes increased popularity and earning potential for all of us! 

The main reason Twitter, TikTok and many other companies made it so big is because of the app!

Everyone is on the phone this days.

And for as for the earning potential for the users - Imagine having 1M followers on Publish and even if you receive the worst tip $0.003 you would earn $3000 per post if all 1,000,000 tip you, and of course they would because they get tipped for that too! 

Publish0x! When app?

Solana is coming out with crypto phone and that could serve as a great place to start! Android and Apple too. 

I assume due to the policies those companies enforce I mean Apple and Google, this could be a bit tricky (probably easier on Android). But we just need to look at Brave Browser on Apple - you can’t earn tips for seeing adds there!

Getting ahead with Solana phone could be the best place to start and I look forward when Publish0x app comes out! 

How can we help and make that happen? 

As users we need to be asking for it, the more of us wants it the faster we will get it! 


Link to the aforementioned post -

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