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Publish0x or Hive for writing and earning?

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 20 Feb 2023

Just tried Hive yesterday and today! 

Coming back to Publish0x feels like coming back to simple straight forward platform designed for one thing - post your articles! 

Hive looks nice and clean when it comes to post and dApps but it is a nightmare to navigate with all those different passwords and powers, etc. After making a few posts and comments, I have very quickly run out of resources for 5 days! The only way is to wait or top up with HP. I have spent whole day there trying different dApps and earned nothing! Every move you make there costs you resources this platform is more like a game rather than writing to earn! 

I will try to see if I make any money there once my resources regenerate but for now it is 1-0 to Publish0x!


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