Outlandish Predictions For The Bitcoin Price

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 6 Apr 2023

More and more of outlandish predictions for the bitcoin price!

I am seeing more and more of those kind of predictions starting from $100,000, $350,000 then $1,000,000 and now I’m seeing $10,000,000 for bitcoin.


I don’t wanna sound bearish, but the fact is that every time we see this outlandish predictions and meme coins pumping this is the top of the bull run!

It’s bizarre how everything is out of sync compared to the past, because we kinda are in the Bull Run but at same time we are  still bearish.

The undeniable fact is that proper bull runs start after bitcoin having - and that is about to happen the next year.

I don’t know how am I gonna to survive until the next year…


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