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The Ones NFTs are undervalued!

Are The Ones NFTs undervalued?

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 14 Feb 2023


Are The Ones NFTs undervalued? 

The Ones NFTs are part of Only1 social media platform with Member Passes and Creators Staking pools. The current price for The Ones on Magic Eden is 0.24SOL, but for the utility this NFT provides the price is dirt cheap in my opinion! 


So, what is the utility?




I am sure you are familiar with what DAO is. The Ones function is no exception in this regard. Holders have voting power over the platform development, can post proposal, and participate in DAO fund where there are rewards to the contributors!


2. Early access to pre-released features


Holders will have exclusive access to new features before everybody else, and also there will be a hidden special page that only holders will be able to access.


3. Compound


Holders will be able to compound all their stakes with one click! 


4. Create Staking pool


Here you will have to say goodbye to your NFT because it requires burning The One NFT, but by doing so you will activate your content creator staking pool. Users and your fans will be able to stake on you and you will earn percentage of all that has been staked the APY percentage of your pool will be determined by your activity on the platform and across other social media, the more you are active the higher APY!


I expect a FOMO into those NFTs once the Exclusive Member Pass Campaign ends and Member Passes with Create Staking Pool opens to all. The campaign is due to start this month and will be live for the duration of 3 weeks.

Depending on who those content creators are in the early access, this could be an exciting time! 


Not financial advise, but yeah guys you do what you want! 

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