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Why I Think BAT Will Undoubtedly Rise

By at350 | Crypto at350 | 17 Jun 2020

I've been a supporter of Brave's BAT project for a while. I've seen it as an alternative to privacy-invading ads around the web. By viewing privacy-respecting ads, you gain BAT (Basic Attention Tokens). The main thing that this BAT can be used for is tipping creators, and it's a system that could potentially change advertising as a whole. Here, I'll talk about why I think that BAT's price will undoubtedly grow.

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Brave's Rising Status

Brave is largely in part responsible for BAT's popularity. It's how BAT is tipped to creators and earned for many users. On June 1st, Brave released some astonishing numbers. 125% user growth over the past year for monthly active users! Not to mention the abundance of advertising campaigns that have seen a 255% increase since October 2019.  In the past few months, there's been a huge spike in Brave verified creators who can receive tips. Needless to say, Brave is prospering. With 15 million monthly active users now, the future should bring more and more users. Brave's referral program who rewards users who bring additional people to the browser will be inclined to take part in helping this rapid growth.

BAT Price Increases

Now, you might wonder why rapid growth means BAT will rise in price. Well, think about how the supply of BAT is fixed. If Brave reaches the levels of hundreds of millions of users, there will still be the same amount of BAT. Everybody getting about 20-30 BAT per month? That just can't happen, especially when you consider that a lot of that BAT might be stored or lost in circulation. However, Brave has pledged to give users 70% of ad revenue from their rewards program. If there are billions of dollars to give people and not enough BAT (at the current price) to provide that money, the price can only go up for BAT! Also, the hundreds of millions of users using Brave will surely show an interest in BAT, making its demand greater. As we've seen with Bitcoin and stocks, an enormous demand increases the price of something. Combine this with a limited supply of BAT, and the futures look bright. An analysis by beINcrypto showed that BAT has the potential for a 300% increase, so I'm not the only one who believes in a huge price jump.


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Overall, BAT has the recipe for success. It has a growing demand for it (a lot of it thanks to Brave) and a limited supply, all things considered. In the meantime, I'll be saving up and tipping as many Basic Attention Tokens as I can! I think BAT has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.

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