Why community members of altcoins can attract whales to invest in their coins: Explained

By Long term coin | Crypto assets | 23 May 2024



The journey of investing in crypto should mesmerize people, but instead, it bores most people, just like learning the game of chess bores most people because it requires a peaceful approach. In chess, you focus on harmonizing pieces; in crypto, you focus on connecting with other community members by investing more and more in that particular project. Thinking about harmonizing pieces requires mental energy, and connecting with community members emotionally requires money energy. Both are difficult, which is why they are scarce. The more we use our mind energy, the more we can find the best moves that can harmonize chess pieces, and the more community members invest in any given cryptocurrency project, the more they can feel connected and start taking responsibility for the project in a decentralized way.

When young people party, why do they like to get too high? They can behave in a way that allows them to connect with other humans. Subconsciously, they know that connecting with others is peace. Similarly, smart chess players know chess is about peace and harmony between pieces, and intelligent investors know that investing in crypto is about peace and harmony, too. So, intelligent investors throw as much money as they can into a project that has a robust community. They know that the more they invest, the more others will invest. Thus, they connect emotionally before starting a long investing journey of managing a project in a decentralized way. Savvy investors know the ultimate truth that the heart is where everyone’s money is, so they expect others and themselves to invest more and more. Similarly, smart chess players know that peace and harmony between pieces is where he has to put his energy.

Why do we see extreme behavior differences in people in some cases? Because their inner thinking is being challenged by peace, and they do not want internal peace due to some trauma. Similarly, people who lose in chess or money in crypto do not want to go to the path of peace and harmony by either giving extreme mental energy to chess or investing heavily in the project, where they need solid emotional connections with community members. The problem is in the habit of not being habituated to internal and external peace. If regular players were habituated to peace and harmony between chess pieces, they would probably start winning against professionals.

Similarly, if crypto investors are willing to invest big in any cryptocurrency project they like, they would likely start feeling a bond and connection with other community members. Focusing on peace as an investor means focusing on harmony between community members, and the quickest way to do that is by investing more money. The more money every community member invests, the more they will feel connected, and the project’s success will be a product of that. Again, the ultimate truth is elementary: Chess requires players to put mental energy behind creating harmony between pieces, and crypto requires you to create harmony between community members of the project you like. The way you have to put mental energy, you will have to put money energy behind the projects you like and go big. If you cannot go big, you are already not looking at the right project.

Going big in any crypto project is complex, and it is even more challenging to put extreme mental energy behind a chess move to create harmony between pieces. When we want to play the best move in chess, we have to control the temptation to play moves that harm our position. Similarly, when investing in crypto, we have to focus on avoiding the temptation to invest in projects that give fake promises. Instead, we have to invest in projects that help us invest in community bonding. Wrong chess moves, and inadequate cryptocurrency opportunities always mesmerize us, and we go crazy behind them, but in reality, they are the worst. Only when we focus on peace and harmony between chess pieces or building harmony with community members can we choose the right moves and projects. The more we focus on investing in community bonds, the more we can focus on finding great investing opportunities.

Most investors hate being part of a community and bonding with others because it challenges their internal mindset, which is against peace. Therefore, most investors fail in crypto. The more we focus on bonding between community members, the more we will attain growth as investors. No matter how tempting it gets to invest in the next big thing, the reality of crypto will always be that only community matters. Similarly, The ultimate truth of chess is that only a move that improves harmony between pieces will be effective. Investing in the community as an investor is complex and beyond imagination for most investors, so I understand the reluctance behind it, but it is your inner enemy who is stopping you from doing this. Being part of a like-minded community is human nature, but because we want to make profits, we forget that the community-centric approach is core human behavior.

A community-centric approach is also tricky because investors cannot see any profit soon, discouraging them from focusing on it. People are addicted to trade because it shows them clear profit, and people fail to see the effect of community bonding. This is why the more we focus on investing to create bonds between community members, the more impactful our investments can be. The ultimate truth will never change: the more you invest in a cryptocurrency project, the more you create the chance to build a bond between community members. To fully believe in its community, you must invest big in a cryptocurrency project. You do your job and forget about what others are doing. The problem is that people do not believe in this concept. The truth will remain that the more you go big, the more you are likely to feel connected with the community.

Making mistakes in the cryptocurrency journey is part of it, but not learning from them is an even bigger mistake. People never learn to invest big in cryptocurrency projects apart from Bitcoin and a few top coins because they are scared to get emotionally connected with the other community members. You have to ask yourself how you will care for the project. The answer will always be that if I have a massive chunk of money invested in a project, I am likely to care for that project. People hate losing money, so they do not go big in altcoins, but if you can feel a sense of community, you may create good things for your portfolio. Altcoins are challenging to predict because, in most cases, people will lose money, but if there is a robust community and less likely chance of losing money, then you can control the risk, which is all that matters.

The more an investor is willing to invest in an altcoin, the more he will do his due diligence. That is why, rather than researching massively and gambling, it is much better to go big and then, under pressure, analyze the community. The more you invest, the more you respect other community members, the more they feel respected, and the more they will invest in the power of decentralization. It is a never-ending cycle or a classic example of game theory. The most prominent mistake people make in crypto is not investing in respecting community members, which leads to profit. They focus on direct profit or short-term price jump of the token, which destroys everything. Constantly thinking about profits shifts the journey of investing from a powerful human connection online between investors to a sole disastrous journey.

People love Bitcoin because it shows the power of decentralization, but the method differs because Bitcoin has a first-mover advantage. So, the mining mechanism works well for Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies must use a different community bonding method to achieve decentralization. The more community members respect each other, the more likely they will achieve decentralization. Even if you look globally, you will find that people have difficulty respecting each other; that is reflected here in crypto. This is why most cryptocurrency projects fail even after trying to execute great ideas. They lack the support of community members. People do not trust other community members; They think that if they invest more, other community members might not invest more. If this cycle breaks, you will likely lose money, which is why there is a massive backlog in the crypto world right now. The more someone solves this problem, the more he is likely to make money from crypto.

Investors give up before even trying to create bonds with each other, and that is why the DAO is failing. But the DAO is the path to achieving greatness in crypto. The problem is that people are not participating in DAO, which is the problem we must solve. If an investor goes big into a project managed by a handful of founders, he is likely to lose all his money because two or three people will decide the fate of his money, which is almost another form of gambling. Crypto investors are having a hard time creating bonds with each other because it is an online thing. That is why they do not feel connected and do not feel to take part in DAO. Dao is the soul of every cryptocurrency project, and the more investors participate in DAO, the more they will lay the foundation to make the project successful. Dao is talked about less and is applied in scarce situations. The more investors invest, the more likely they will participate in the Dao because they feel connected with the community. Remember that your heart is where your treasure is. Investors are constantly pressured to get quick returns due to financial instability or family pressure, but those factors work against them if they do not focus on participating in Dao. Dao has the superpower to make a project decentralized, and the more decentralization a project achieves, the more it can go up in price. Even seasoned stock market investors are not focusing on taking part in Dao, and they are trying to apply old stock market methods in crypto. Those methods are now limited to Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Still, in altcoins, investors’ ability to participate in Dao decides the fate of their funds and the entire project itself.

Investors will have to decide whether they want to connect with other investors by investing in large chunks and showing respect to other community members or only invest in top cryptocurrencies where human interaction and trust are least required. Money buys emotion; otherwise, people would not buy expensive gifts for their spouses. They would not give them big villas, cars, and Chanel or Louis Vuitton bags. It is a way to show respect and love; similarly, the community can show respect to other members by investing in big chunks to show commitment to the Dao of the project. Investors are delighted when they are demonstrated dreams in whitepapers by different cryptocurrencies, but they need to remember that ultimately, if the community members do not build trust between each other by investing more and more, then everything will fail in a matter of months. Investors, at the core, do not have time to take part in the daily operations of the project, but they can at least give their long-term commitment to take part in Dao by investing more and more in the project; of course, if you have doubts about the exit scam of the team, then none of this essay applies. Investors make mistakes if they do not commit to Dao because all other options lead to gambling. The more community members connect to Dao, the more they invest and stay with the project.

Crypto investors’ dreams are shattered when they see that their altcoin prices are rapidly going down rather than up. They leave the cryptocurrency market after that. Instead, they should try to find out why it happened, and the answer is likely to be their lack of research and interest in the coin’s Dao. Suppose a person is very kind and friendly in life. In that case, he may have some advantage as an investor because he may quickly recognize the importance of Dao and connect with other investors on an emotional level by investing more in the coin.

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