Making Profits from Crypto just got better - How I made $100 from $10 in 20 days!

Do you know many people are cashing out huge profits trading OTC.

Making profits from crypto just got better!

There is a stable way to earn huge profits daily from an AI P2P platform where the AI bot allows you trade every two hourly mark and you can make a stable 0.3% profit per each trade.

In this article, I am going to explain in details how to get started and earn stable income from trading every two hours.

Before we dive into the details, kindly note that this article is inspired from my personal experience as I was able to use this AI trading platform to earn a 10x from my initial $10 investment.

Also note that this article is NOT a financial advice, and you should always do your own research before deciding to invest in any crypto investment.

That being said, let's jump in....

How to Earn Stable Income from OTC Trading.

OTC Trading simply means "Over the Counter" Trading. It is a form of trading that involves Peer to Peer trading away from exchanges. This means that it follows the old trade by barter system where one exchanges what he has for what he wants with someone else willing to exchange what he has for what you have.

In this case, a stable crypto is exchanged for Fiat.

Now that we have a basic knowledge of what OTC Trading involves, the question is how can you earn from it in a stable way?

The answer is simply "trading with COTP".

COTP is a regulated trading platform. COTP is an abbreviation for Cryptos OTC Trading Platform limited.

The OTC Trading Platform has been around since 2019 when it partnered with Binance but has gain much recognition since 2021 when it introduced the AI bot that allows you trade with anyone globally.

COTP on Binance

COTP is an OTC Trading Platform that has integrated AI(artificial intelligence) within it's platform to coordinate pairing of P2P traders from all over the world.

This process is covered by AI so unlike individual P2P trading done on Binance, where you have to chat with or discuss with a trader and agree terms of payment before purchasing USDT(the only crypto traded for now), the AI integrated simply pairs you with another P2P trader order to buy your USDT at a higher rate and all you have to do is accept and it's done. The AI also pairs you with another seller to buy back your USDT at a lower rate than the one you have just sold to earn you 0.3% profit from the traded amount.

It's an advanced P2P Trading Platform that allows you profit from buying and selling USDT with the help of an AI that you don't need to pay for or pay transaction fees.

Each trade made gives you an 0.3% profit and like P2P, you can repeat trades with the same capital over and over on the same day for up to 12 times, since the AI completes each sell and buy back every two hours. So you can come back to trade using the AI every two hours from each completed transaction, since the AI regulates it to approximately every 2hrs per day.

So mathematically if you keep up the pace of placing orders u can make 0.3% x how many times u initiated a trade with your capital ...(Remember you will need to manually initiate the process by clicking the white button that authorizes the AI to initiate a competition for orders to buy and sell for you every two hours).

This is a blessing for those who are still finding trading volatility in the market difficult and can now earn easy profit daily with consistency.

I started with $10 just to try it and made $3 profit in two days, and made a whooping 10x from trading and referral bonus inclusive in just 20days.

Referral Package is excellent, as you earn a percentage of the profits from three levels of referrals- you earn 15% per each trade profits from those directly under you, 10% per each trade profits from your second level of referall (those directly under your direct referrals) and 5% per each trade profits from the third levels of referrals (those directly under your second level).

So the chances are that if your referrals and those under them put in hardwork to trade every two hours, you can make up to $5 daily like I made.

Usually in crypto trading platforms like this are too good to be true right- so I thought also and made a lot of research to find out how they make their profits, if they are licensed, if it's a ponzi, if it is sustainable and here is the details from my personal research and a nod of confidence.

Is COTP a Registered Online Business?

Yes is the answer. Find pictures of their registration documentation and the link to cross-reference the pictures below....

About COTP and certificate


You can confirm details directly from this link:


The company makes profit from the difference in market price of USDT between the transaction price.

Take a look at the image below as I analyse how they generate profits for both the OTC trader and the company.

COTP picked an order from a trader on Binance P2P

MARKET PRICE: This is the current price of USDT in a particular region. For example, the screenshot above shows the market price for USDT in Naira is N590.5.

TRANSACTION PRICE: This is the price the buyer for that order is ready to pay. For example, the screenshot above shows the buyer is willing to pay N596.

AMOUNT OF ORDER: This is the amount of USDT the buyer is willing to buy from your available USDT in your wallet balance. From the screenshot above, it is 130 USDT.

Now lets calculate the profit made from this single transaction, to know how much goes to the OTC trader (a registered COTP user), and how much COTP made from this transaction for themselves.

Let's calculate profits for each USDT sold: 

N596 - N590.5 = N5.5 

This means for every USDT sold, there is a profit of N5.5 to be made from this particular transaction of 130 USDT.

Let's calculate Total profit from transaction:

COTP sold 130 USDT for this particular transaction.

Therefore N5.5 x 130 = N715.

N715 is the profit made from this transaction.


Each trade gets a 0.3% profit.

Lets calculate what the trader earns. 

First let's convert the Naira profit to USDT (at market price) being COTP base currency.

N715 ÷ N590.5 = 1.21 USDT.

So total profit of N715 is 1.21USDT.

Remember that after COTP sells your USDT, the AI searches through the global market to buy back at market price which is N590.5

So COTP made profits of 1.21USDT but how much did COTP pay the owner(COTP user) of the 130 USDT?

Don't forget COTP pays only 0.3% per transaction placed.

COTP paid the owner- 0.3% of 1.21 USDT

That is 0.39 USDT.
What about the referral level payment structure, what does COTP pays as referall bonus for the 3 levels of referall?

There is 15% of the profit made by the user to be paid to first level, 10% of profits paid to second level and 5% of profits paid to the third level of referalls- a total of 30% of the profits.

Now let's calculate the profits that COTP will airdrop for all the referrals.

15% of profit -15% x 0.39 USDT- 0.0585 USDT

10% of profit -10% x 0.39 USDT- 0.039 USDT

5% of profit  - 5% x 0.39 USDT- 0.0195 USDT

So when added together, the profits of the COTP user and all the referral bonus, we have;

(0.39 + 0.0585 + 0.039 + 0.0195) USDT.

This gives us a total of 0.507 USDT to be paid out by COTP to user and all three referral levels out of the profit of 1.21 USDT.

What is left of the profit?

What is left of the profit= Total profits - (Profits Paid out to user + referral bonus for all 3 levels)

= (1.21-0.507) USDT

= 0.703USDT

The remaining part of the profit is 0.703 USDT and it belongs to COTP.

This simply shows you that the platform earns more profits than the OTC trader and all level of referrals combined. The profits COTP earns and airdrops to trader and the referral structure is generated from the trading profits and confirms how sustainable it is as it is a win win situation for everyone involved.

COTP airdrops bonuses after resolution of each trade after two hours from initiation of each trade and has never faulted over the years because the AI is programmed to airdrop all profits to user and referral bonus at the same time and this practice is a what makes the platform a formidable one; no wonder Binance partners with them to allow the trading platform AI to pick and pair P2P traders from it's platform.

This example is just one of the many millions of transactions like this that happen every two hours everyday.

COTP also generates income from withdrawal fees (0.3% on the withdrawal amount) and internal transfer fees (1% on transfered amount)

I believe with this illustrated point, it is clear, how the company makes huge profits and I can tell you for free that this platform is going to be the biggest OTC Trading platform, if they keep up with the pace at which they are going; except the company decides to be greedy; whereby the owners may decide to close down and take everyone's investment.

Looking from an optimistic and positive side of things, why should they even close down, when they can make so much being open and rendering a global service just like Binance.

I believe the company too may be investing in other revenue streams; to make their liquidity generate more income.

Are you now ready to join me and many others earning stable passive income from trading USDT OTC daily?

Here is how to get started...


First of all: 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

To trade with COTP, you will need a referral link to have an account; and you can use my referall link below:

Click on the above link and begin the registration process.

Next, you will need a registered phone  number to create your account. You can use your private phone number.

Once the account has been created, Go ahead to complete KYC registration using any of these verification documents:

✅Voters card,

✅National ID.

✅Drivers license.

✅International passport

After verification, you will need to enter and save your withdrawal TRC20 USDT wallet address where you can easily withdraw your profits to within minutes.

So head over to your crypto wallet and correctly copy and paste it without errors as it can not be changed afterwards for security reasons.

The next step is to fund or recharge your account to enable you start trading and making profits. To do this; simply copy the USDT TRC20 wallet address on the recharge page and go to your funded crypto wallet and send at least $10 as that is the lowest allowable startup investment amount.

Ensure to send the funds using the TRC20 Blockchain network to successfully send funds into your account.

Once these steps are completed, start trading every two hours by clicking the white button: "Immediate Competition for trade orders".

After this step, the AI will select a suitable P2P trading pair from a partner P2P platform globally. Click the button to "sell" and click "Confirm" to complete the process.

After two hours; your traded amount together with the profits generated will be returned to your account by the AI.

To help you consistently trade the two hours trade setup, I advice you set your alarm to remind you to trade every 120 - 135 mins (2hrs to 2hrs 15mins).

You can decide to trade with the same capital per trade or compound it by adding your profits to trade. "Compounding your trades helps you earn more profits".

With consistency, from a calculation of 0.3% for each trade and a total of atleast 11 trades daily, you can earn up to 100% of your initial investment in 33 days and 21 days if you choose to compound your trades by adding profits earned in each trade.

Then what if you add the bonus from referrals to your trades, then just like me, you can earn as much as 10x in just 20days depending on the trading strength and consistency of your referall structure.

Note that you must verify your account inorder to be able to make withdrawals above $500.

Here is the outlined steps to Recharge your account after verification:


Click on Recharge

At the next page , Copy the OTC TRC20 (USDT) address;

Go to your wallet  where you have funds and paste it in the withdrawal address;

Send the amount of USDT (TRC20) to your OTC account.($10 minimum)

In less than 3 minutes , your OTC account will be credited.


Go to the menu buttons below and locate "TRANSACTION HALL"...


Wait for the system to pair your orders, Once a pair is generated in less than 30seconds, you will see the "SELL" button in the generated sell order, then click on SELL.

Finally; click on ☑️ CONFIRM in the next window to successfully complete the process.

Boom 💣 are done! 

Simply REPEAT this process until your wallet balance is below 5 USDT. 

After 2 hours, all your funds plus PROFIT will return to your WALLET BALANCE! 

Repeat this process as many two hourly trades you can complete daily, and you can withdraw funds at any time at a 0.3% Withdrawal transaction fee.


COTP (Cryptos OTC Trading Platform) is a blockchain OTC & cryptocurrency exchange Platform registered in the United States as a Money Services Business(MSB) with FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) & compliant with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act. 

COTP has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system which scans the international markets to identify USDT buyers on Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Okex, and Kucoin whose bid price for USDT is higher. COTP then sells your USDT to these buyers at a higher price & buys back the USDT at a lower/standard price to send your capital & proportion of your profit back to you after 2hrs.

There is no need to buy a trading robot or pay a monthly subscription. There is no gas fee except the Withdrawal fee of 0.3% paid to the TRC20 Blockchain (withdrawal takes less than 3 minutes to hit your crypto wallet)

The minimum trading capital is $10 and so the minimum recharge is $10 and the maximum is $100,000. So do not recharge below or above those amounts.

If you are conservative like me and want to try out something small till you trust the process because in crypto nothing is certain, start with as low as $10.

Would you be interested in reading any of  research on crypto investments?

If so; feel free to search through my archives.


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