Are you ready to pay with crypto in the store?

By Lazy Bear | Crypto and world | 20 May 2022

A similar survey was raised on one of the crypto forums 2 years ago. In addition to voting, it was necessary to justify their point of view.


After rereading most of the answers, many were inclined to believe that yes, it would be cool to pay with crypto, but...!

And then there was a list of reasons why it's not so good.


In the first place there was a discussion about the speed of transactions.


There were even jokes that someone would "buy love for an hour" and while the transaction is confirmed, this hour will pass :)

however, we know perfectly well that there are "fast crypto coins" whose commission on the network is also small.

Another question is whether stores will want to accept a less popular crypto currency. Further, users were afraid to repeat the story of "pizza" in 2010.

To this, I want to say that in any case, most crypto users withdraw part of their profits to fiat. And from the fact that you pay crypto directly for the same goods that you wanted to buy for fiat, nothing will change.

And of course, no one canceled fiat inflation. If you live in an economically disadvantaged country, then you understand it much better.


The last argument is that the payment system in crypto is not perfect right now. Yes: there are crypto cards now. But allegedly they have high commissions. And some of them have a commission for any operations on them. For some crypto cards, it reaches up to 4% per operation.

However! I know about 24 types of crypto cards and in half there is no commission for the operation, only for cashing money at an ATM.

The crypto world does not stand still. Now many crypto products are included in our daily life.

Are you ready for changes? Are you ready to pay with crypt in the store?

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