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Electroneum (ETN), was introduced to the public for their ICO around September of 2017. Since their inception ETN has come a long way with their mobile application that's available on iOS and Android devices to their ETN Everywhere program. Following the project since 2017 as an original ICO holder I've been excited to write about ETN for the longest. Below you'll get information on ETN, their team, and all their services.



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Electroneum Mission

The Electroneum team's mission is to help provide a solution to the unbanked to do this they've developed a people first mobile crypto currency that's easily accessible and doesn't require their user to have a bank account to accept and transfer assets for real world value and goods.


Electroneum Ecosystem


Electroneum's protocol runs on a people first aspect. How is this interpreted? Specially select node administrators are selected among many developing countries and providence to host a network node to verify and compute digital transactions between users and become compensated for hosting the node. Then those who earn or have ETN in their wallets can earn further ETN or use it within 2 sets of economies. The Gig Economy and Mobile Data Top Ups. The Gig Economy enables those to use their skills to earn ETN from completing requested tasks from other users and in turn users are able to submit requests and have bids on their requested tasks. ETN Everywhere is a organized list of brands and companies who accept ETN as a payment method on their website or store. TaskSchool kicks it up another notch as users are able to submit and view lessons on pretty much anything desired. Want to learn how to code in excel or take an online course in digital art?


Electroneum also wanted to ensure their users had access to be able to utilize their wallets and coins to their maximum efficiency by working with hundreds of mobile carrier providers all over the world to accept ETN as a top up. What this means is you're able to spend your ETN on phone data to stay connected on your mobile device. This further allows users to connect to the world at large and gives everyone an equal opportunity at earning skills and something worth of value. They also released a mobile phone called the M1 which can also be purchased using either local currency or ETN.


The Team





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