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Good afternoon crypto fans and enthusiasts, today I bring you good news of Binance and their integration into the US sector. Not sure on the actual date, however residents within Florida, USA are now able to register and trade crypto on the popular binance platform. 

Click here to get started!

Once registered and the app downloaded start verification on your identity. Proof of residence, ID card or passport, and a statement that has your legal and residing address will be needed for verification. The process should take no more than 5 minutes and verification through each of the 3 levels are fairly quick. 


Why go through all this?? Well it’s to KYC, Know Your Customer, which is a practice by a large number of crypto exchanges that helps prevent fraud, laundering, and other illegal activities that would otherwise corrupt the integrity of the blockchain network. DON’T FORGET TO SET UP 2FA FOR ADDED PROTECTION!


Binance US

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