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By Samurai Airdrop Hunt | CryptoSamurai | 12 Jul 2020


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  the channel that brings you the content   that shocks you better than old folks at bay antique road show a watch like this at auction it's worth about four hundred thousand dollars okay don't you kick over and die at home because of what we are bringing today you know the drill it's time for Samurai crypto so it happened Bitcoin has done the 22dcc81a329e3c341001329049b6252aae6d13876b2c6e23a3c05e2b31ed0d49.png unthinkable which I only put out at fifteen percent chance before this coronavirus outbreak we are above nine K pulling out the seven-day price chart I'm definitely satisfied with how bullish the chart looks over the past two days since the 25th each resistance level has been broke and BTC just keeps pushing up although the soft came at the upper limit I predicted yesterday 9.2 K now I'm not going to do a ton more analysis of the price because I already talked about it and I stick to my predictions for longer than 24 hours yesterday I said the eight point seven K to nine point QK range is extremely violent and we should see some intense price action up and down in this range for the next five days one day has gone by so four more days in this violent range that is my da Dima analysis opinion but those altcoins and that Chico research they are pulling off some big moves lately I'm sure most of you are like home skillet Samurai crypto tell us about you know bright chain link and the enterprise aetherium they met last week on Thursday I put out this video altcoin moon shot found assyrians key to enterprise in the video I followed a trail of breadcrumbs evolving John   Wolford EA's imminent task force chain link and yoonah bright I predicted that unibrow and chain link was going to be involved with the EEA main initiative working on that imminent task force which the details of that task force were protected behind a password wall well Monday came and I was a hundred percent correct two days ago the ei dropped this blog post EA main networking group forms task force eminent aetherium maintenance on for enterprises imminent will be focused on the standards and specifications used to integrate the etherium main up with ERP CRM and other corporate systems of record the imminent task force is being organized with d0097e80e606ab23017c42c1617b65b2b3f96e11cdcddc909394eff627b8a459.png significant contribution and commitment from ei member organizations chain link univer 8 any block analytics and others below the task force is set up to work for 18 to 24 months initially the tackle will focus on defining work packages then expand into building best practice solutions within proof-of-concept implementations and finally provide open source available documentation and specification basis like ERC standards for further development by the public etherium community and ei members well two days ago when the news dropped I tweeted that people do not understand the gravity of this partnership well just after that tweet I think people started to realize because Yubikey took off like a rocket pulling out the one month yuna bright char it's reminiscent of 2017 hype a straight up parabolic line now I'm not gonna talk about the price where it will go up we're down but just looking at a stat still under a 10 million dollar 5903fdc0d72aaca367984fbfc148254dedfe9fe3efb3076a3ed83bc379fa6701.png market cap aka micro cap and the volume since when I first made my prediction video has moved into the healthy range as we can see in the video just last Thursday Yubikey volume was a scary under 23 K and market cap was just three million and now looking at it as of yesterday over 9 million dollar market cap and over 500k in volume so since that video a 3 X in market gap and volume has increased by an over 25 X good chip huh but remember there was another coin involved with the initiative chain link my stanky old friend how do you do well the news didn't pump all blankey pulling out its 1 month chart nada zilch zero movement now let me try and explain why chain link has a lot of hype priced in rightfully so it's one of only coins that surpassed is 2017 all-time high having a 2019 bull run when there wasn't a full-on bull market and another big reason is the exchanges it is on whale manipulation wast trading BOTS fit Forex law token finance BBX bkx and finally we get one legit one coin based Pro yes this is great for liquidity and the long term being on a multitude of exchanges but pushing through algorithmic resistance with many trading BOTS on those exchanges much harder than Yuna Brite which was only on a few but like I tweeted I'm going to reiterate that most people do not understand the gravity of this task force for both chain-link and Yuna bright and the EA as a whole so that blog post it highlighted with high importance that the task force focus is to build open source available reference implementations and guidelines for meinen with enterprise systems of record their ERP systems or enterprise resource planning software now I have some a051928bdb98212c849b0d2c58c8351122f90a078497ffe704a4173a26f1b267.png background with this as I did sap implementations for an old java mind here is a list of the top ERP systems and it includes Oracle's JD Edwards Enterprise one sap business by design Sage x3 SYSPRO Microsoft Dynamics and more so any Fortune 500 to mid-size business operation uses ERP software it is critical to business flows payments supply chains inventory and more it's basically the backbone of a company this task force is created to open the doors of blockchain tokens of cerium defy and so much more not only to the long list of EA members but to literally hundreds of thousands of operations literally any business who uses ERP software will now have the blockchain and the power of aetherium in the hands of all the hands of all how well yesterday on Twitter I dropped a little crummy crumb on some of the new findings I have been uncovering I tweeted about Yuna bright working with digital asset and integrating their demo programming language with a nice Microsoft Paint Tyler home creation so if you don't follow me on Twitter I highly recommend it not only for the breadcrumbs but the troll entertainment links for follow is in the description but now let's deep dive into digital asset damn old Yoona bright and chain link so first who is digital asset well they are the powerhouse you probably haven't heard of but you should of they were founded all the way back in 2014 and they bought the little-known blockchain project hyper ledger the next year which they donated to the Linux Foundation and collaborated with industry leaders including IBM Intel Microsoft and more great hyper Ledger's suite of distributed Ledger's including hyper ledger fabric Basu sawtooth and more and the tools created for these Ledger's so as we know John Wolfer is one of the cofounders of the hyper ledger fabric DLP so this guy has been working and collaborating with digital asset for some time John Wolfer is leading the main net initiative and the specific task force chain-link and Yuna Brite is on imminent so let's make the connections of Yuna bright and chain-link to digital asset and Amal well Yuna bright actually has a partnership with digital asset with digital asset even releasing a blog post themselves of the unibrow and Amal integration this is what digital asset had to say about it Yuna brides visual interface to create Gamal smart contracts well businesses get to market even faster combined without the Box integrations to existing system that both Gamal and Yuna brights business integration framework are compatible with multiple blockchain platforms this is an extremely compelling offering to customers and if you go to digital assets solution page you can see case studies using Gamal okay big names including Accenture but below is their partners again Accenture but also Deloitte Google cloud and that micro-cap Yuna bright more confirmation well going to the demo marketplace all the tools built by digital asset and their partners scrolling through there is Yuna brights modular and integration framework now remember how I mentioned this task ae48b22d443035ad66c7421ac1e169f248e1f4e64bd199f9bca86aa492609f62.png is focused on erp integration weld amal marketplace and yuna bright put out this blog post low code smart contracts for enterprise with yuna bright and damn ol just last month in december in it Stefan says the unit framework allows for business processes to be modeled as smart contracts in integrations with enterprise systems such as ERP example SAP and below an illustrative use case on inventory management one of the key areas of ERP and below they use the example of SAP again finally the target initial use cases supply chain and tokenization and supply chain they explain why and how but at the end the unibrow templates and our ERP expertise especially SAP can be joined together to achieve these transformation goals cram E and hedge but don't worry links I'm not forgetting about you what about chain Lea and digital asset well back in April of this year digital asset and the ISDA announced they were working together for smart contract use in derivatives the blogpost says specifically they will work together to develop an open source reference code library that will help support the adoption of the ISDA common domain model CDM the CDM is a standardization tool that provides derivatives markets participants was a single common digital representation of derivatives trader vents and actions across the trade lifecycle is da who in the freak are them well chain link dropped a deep dive blog post in October last year titled solving deep-seated trust problems and derivatives using chain link enabled smart contracts they reference the ISDA many times while the OTC market is technically not regulated most major OTC participants are members of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association is DEA a trade organization that created a standard contract called the ISDA Master Agreement lower mini market participants understand the need for these digital standards which is why in June 1a3f8493c726df051e39934e369a37583b7336bc84b8b4c5efacf9603af48b2a.jpeg 18 ISDA released its first digital iteration of the common domain model CDM for digitizing derivatives contracts additionally several legal startups and consortiums such as open law and the court project are creating standard templates for digitally representing derivative contracts both startups have integrated chain-link to receive trusted off chain data for derivative contracts lower there are several high profile entities such as ISDN a Google and digital asset aiming to create standard operational workflows to connect all the relevant parties in a transaction counterparties exchanges data auditors regulators and more lower and here is a connection Google is a recent example of an enterprise using chain link to monetize its new data sets that give insights into different block chains this data can now be sourced by a smart derivative contract by calling their bigquery API using a chain link Oracle currently live on the test net and a picture of crumbs how we built a derivative exchange for bigquery and customer engineer was Matt Tait of Google cloud who previously built Isis market data offerings what do you think viewers of the tube hopefully you didn't just fall over Cheers I'll see you next time

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