By Redsky | Crypto and nft blog | 12 Jan 2022


2021 was the confirmation of the cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin that touched the 70 thousand dollars. . etoro, Binance a robinhood were once again among the brokers protagonists of this financial market revolution.


Ethereum, for example, has consolidated its position thanks to the central role it is playing in the Defi, especially thanks to smart contracts and ERC-20 technology.


It was also the year of token memes. Dogecoin’s great awakening, pumped from Elon Musk’s tweets. Created in 2013 but back in vogue from late 2020. And then the other meme tokens born in his wake, as Shiba Inu. with Dogecoin, who in the first half of 2021 was among the most sought after and exchanged cryptocurrencies, and then live a second part of the year relatively by the side, also accomplice a retreat on the front of the price, always caused by Elon.

In 2022 AMC, the leading American cinema chain, announced it would introduce payments in Shiba Inu Coin and Dogecoin.


While the communities, recognized among the most lively on the web, continue to put pressure on the group, the CEO’s Tweet arrives to bring the peace of mind. The CEO Adam Aron in fact confirms that there is little, indeed very little implementation.

Obviously without talking about the fact that you can always take telsa accessories with (DOGE) 


Now the price of (DOGE) is around $0.15, with a historical price of $0.73.


We choose what we like and we can pay with what we want. 


Stay Tuned. 

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