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Your guide to becoming a successful NFT creator and investor

Investing in NFTs or choosing good NFTs is about identifying good communities that can help increase the value of NFT through its utility directly or indirectly. Investing in NFT is about expressing yourself; that can only happen when the NFT community is doing quality charity work together.

Charity work aligns with expressing your compassion which is everyone’s true nature, and also creates an incredible bond between community members that can help grow the NFT project. You will have to understand that community members’ charity work is directly proportional to the NFT project’s growth. If you are an NFT holder or buyer, ask the NFT creator what charity work is being done. Take action and ask them. If you do not take action and do not pressure NFT creators about the charity work, then it is possible that they will not do it. Thus you will suffer because you cannot make money in an NFT community where there is no solid between community members. We have designed our NFT project to give back half of the profits, and the community can decide where to donate it, which will build an infinite bond between community members.

Taking action is the key, and forcing NFT creators and community members to start doing charity work is critical for your long-term investment. Asking questions to NFT creators and making them understand the importance of doing charity work can help you become a successful investor right from this moment.

You will have to make them realize that charity work is not only about the poor, but this process creates a solid bond between community members, which is vital for the project’s long-term success. Even if you are a small investor, it is your right ethically to communicate with the NFT creators to discuss doing the charity work together. Even starting this simple discussion can help other investors make money. You will likely make money if you help other investors by creating a debate about charitable work in an NFT community. It is just nature’s law that you receive more than you give. My reach is not global, but I aim to make you a good NFT investor by starting such discussions in NFT groups. I am glad you are reading this article, and I will be even more pleased if you take action.

Taking action is necessary if you truly want to become an investor who creates an impact on people’s lives. We will have to see what we cannot see and help others see what they cannot see. The benefits of doing charity work for NFT creators are something that NFT creators and the community overlook, but you can make them see this by starting the discussion in the least-case scenario. Vision is necessary. Only vision can help you take actions that others cannot handle. The more you discuss the charity work a community can do together, the higher the odds that the community will take action. This is only going to help the community in its growth. We must get out of the addiction to what we see and make investment decisions. Investing is all about taking action on things that we cannot see. If you do not find such NFT creators or communities, and if you like making NFTs in the field of your passion, then you can start creating NFTs and start building a community that donates together. This will help you make money from the crypto market through your passion, and you will be able to invest more and more money in solid assets like bitcoin. A successful investor invests more and more capital without getting liquidated.

Charity work is not only about giving back to society but is more about creating a powerful bond between community members.

If you cannot find NFT creators who cannot allow you to discuss such topics, then you have only one option: create NFTs in the area you love and build a community that can donate together. You are likely to have exceptional outcomes in the longer term. If you cannot find NFTs that align with your criteria, then start building NFTs in the area you love. NfT investing is more about investing in the communities, and the community that donates together has the highest odds of succeeding in the longer term. The vision of investing in solid communities must be executed to make money; that can only happen when a community donates together. If we cannot find such a community, we must build one for ourselves and for the sake of other investors.

We cannot hide behind the easy work of investing when we know there are no solid communities.

We will have to take action for our money and other investors’ money. If we do not carry any self-belief in this area, then we have to create that self-belief, and it will come if you keep trying to build an NFT community that donates together. Build a community that donates together, and you will see a glimpse of success right from the start. Start visualizing that you have already built such a community to find initial inspiration. Get out of the addiction of not believing in yourself. Donating together creates a bond between your community members that will last forever, even after you decide to do an exit scam(i know you will not do it, this is for the sake of this conversation). Investing is all about helping others through your skills, and if you can build a community through creating NFTs you love to create, NFTs that can express yourself, then you are bound to succeed.

Your ability to build such a community may be buried deep inside you, but I am sure it is there. A community that donates together can create magic through its NFTs and create long-lasting societal value.

Charitable work done by community members will create a bond you may not be able to observe, but that vibration of giving is creating more magic than you can see. That is the wisdom that successful investors have; they see what others do not. Affluent investors can see things that work on a vibrational level. Warren Buffet can identify companies that succeed in the long term; that is like seeing what others cannot see. Start taking action right now and build a community that donates together and creates NFTs from which you can express yourself. It can be in any field. Hundreds of software are available to develop visually pleasing images and videos, but your primary focus should be building a community that donates together.

Making others do charitable work may be challenging for you, but you will have to find a way, which is the long-term solution for your NFT project.

You should build an NFT project if you are still looking for NFT communities that donate together and have yet to find one. Suppose you don’t find one and hate creating NFTs, then build a community. We already have such a system in our NFT project. You also get a pass to the lifelong meditative community to meditate with others whenever you want. I have written many articles on how meditation helps you become a successful investor, and I recommend you to read them. Donating together is the solution that you are looking for. Believe in its long-term advantage. Building a community that donates together creates an emotional bond between the members. That emotional bond can overcome any trouble that can come during the long journey of your NFT project.

Charitable work will start showing its magic as soon as you begin the process of donating. Focusing on building a community that donates together is a skill. Skill is required when something is hard to do.

Making other investors donate together for their own sake and the sake of their investments is challenging in many cases. Still, with enough persistence, you will be able to execute it. If we are NFT creators, it becomes our moral responsibility to do what is best in our community’s interest. Building an internal bond between community members is the best thing we can do for them and their hard-earned money. Go by the rules of nature to succeed in crypto; no law can be better than building a community that donates together.

Building a community doing charitable work in the complex NFT market will make you fight your inner fears. So you improve your health as a by-product of building such a community. Yes, your health is directly connected with your inner fears. I highly recommend reading the book becoming supernatural by Dr. joe dispenza if you want to know more about this topic.

Charity work done by the community is likely to encourage other NFT creators and investors to execute the same. So you influence others as well to do good work. I cannot emphasize the importance of building a community that donates together. This article is also about saying the same thing in thousand different ways so you can put it in your subconscious mind.

Suppose you want to be part of our community, then I would love to have you on our side because we have an NFT community that donates together. By owning our NFT, you will have a pass to a lifelong meditative community. Please read my other articles for the importance of meditating together to succeed in crypto. Meditation becomes easy when we do it together. Meditation allows us to connect with nature, and only by connecting with nature can we grow in this complex world. Look at Elon musk. Tesla cars help save the environment, which is why he is probably the richest. Space is also nature and consciousness, so his work also aligns with nature in space. Mindfulness can help you build something that aligns with nature.

We cannot underestimate the power of nature, and building a community that donates also aligns your NFT project with the power of nature in a direct manner. The deeper your NFT project is aligned with nature higher the odds of succeeding. Build a community that donates so your project automatically aligns with nature’s power.

Succeeding through the power of building a community that donates together may be an illusion or a dream that cannot be achieved for newbie investors, but believing in this process can make newbie investors into seasoned NFT investors and creators.

Would the power of helping through donating to poor people not help you build a solid bond between the community members?

If we cannot see what others cannot see, what difference is between them and us? I keep talking about being conservative to succeed in the crypto world, and building a community that donates together is a conservative approach. You may think that if we are giving away certain portions of profits, then how can we be conservative? The answer to that question is that giving together builds an emotional bond between community members, and that bond can help grow the NFT project for an extended period. The correct approach is necessary if we truly want to succeed in the investing and NFT world, and building a community that donates together is the best approach. The more we are connected to an idea emotionally more we can succeed, so we need to keep improving our attachment toward building a compassionate community. This is a lifelong practice. The more we focus on building a compassionate community higher we create the odds of making an NFT that has a lot of utility. The utility and growth of a community go hand in hand.

Building a compassionate community allows you to increase the utility of your NFT. The power of the community can resolve the utility issue because they are attached.

When we build a community that donates together, we create a chain of long-lasting positive vibrational communication between everyone associated with the NFT project.

We cannot blindside ourselves by making decisions based on what we see. Making decisions in the crypto world on what we see is a dangerous trait. We must know the power of building a compassionate community even though we may not see any concrete result with the naked eye in a shorter period. Facts mixed with a vision can create miracles. Growth comes from the value we provide, and when we create a solid community, we put the foundation of infinite growth for our NFT project.

Chess Meditation

To build such a community faster, we need to be spiritual mind. A meditative mind is a spiritual mind. A meditative mind can help us create a community because mindfulness increases our compassion. The more we become compassionate, the more we will have the chance to build such a community. Building a community is complicated, and a meditative mind can help us in that journey. Building a community is a lifelong journey, so meditation also becomes lifelong. You will be amazed when you start fighting your inner fears in this journey because of mindfulness. Building a community is necessary for your success in the NFT market, either as an investor or as an NFT creator. Mindfulness is the solution.

Charitable work done by the community members is the foundation for you to reach your highest potential through creating NFTs. Even if you are incredibly talented in creating NFTs, building a solid community will take a lot of work. The more we connect ourselves with the power of nature through charitable work, the higher the odds of building a sustainable community that can handle the ups and downs of your NFT project’s journey. Building a community that donates together creates an invisible power required for your long crypto journey. You will be amazed when you see what a robust community can do to grow the project you care for because they care. The bond that an NFT creator can create through doing charitable work that community members manage can keep the community members friends even outside the NFT project.

Charitable work done together multiplies the internal bond of community members quickly, and most NFT creators overlook this simple method, although they keep trying to build a solid community. If you are already selling NFTs, try giving away half the profits to the community members so they can do charitable work. The long-term implications of this process will only grow your NFT project and help you sell even more NFTs. Work done by the community to help the poor can talk without talking with each other. That is why people say 90% of talk between people happens through body language.

There is no better method than building a bond through charitable work between community members. Have faith in this long-term process if you truly want to succeed in your NFT project and help the community make money through this.

I hope you loved this content. Join our growing community by owning our NFTs of meditation.

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