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The right path for anyone to build a successful NFT community

Succeeding in the NFT market requires us to either bet on a robust NFT community or create one. An affluent community can be measured by how much the community donates together. Donating together makes their inner bond strong. If you genuinely want to succeed in the NFT market, then building a community that donates together is the solution that you are looking for.

Building a community that contributes together requires efforts from your side because, initially, people may not believe in you. Daily hard work with a long-term vision is the attitude we all need to acquire to succeed as NFT creators. Building a community that donates together is more about building a solid inner bond between community members if you do not care about charitable work. Money to donate can come from giving back at least half the profits to community members. Building such a community may be a daunting task, and you might not be able to sell any NFTs initially, but your hard work will likely show you magical results if you keep persisting. Community building is a lifelong process, so if we are tired of not seeing results, that is more of an emotional problem.

The long-term approach to building a community

Building a robust community requires a lifelong commitment. That commitment gives its highest fruits to everyone when we create a community that donates half of the profits from NFTs. Creating a community is passionate work, so you can only get the energy to create a community when you build NFTs you are passionate about.

In other words, make NFTs through which you can express yourself. The best strategy to make money out of bitcoin for retail investors is holding bitcoin for the long term; the best approach to building a community is to persist for a long time. Building a community is lifelong persistent hard work, but you are likely to succeed in this process if you keep improving yourself every day. Your learning ability and hard work go hand in hand, which can happen when you work in an area you are passionate about. Patience is the most challenging skill. Lack of patience is why most NFT creators fail because they need more patience in building a community. Patience comes when we are sure that our patience will help us grow. You can have the Power of patience in building a community only when you are sure about the output of a community that donates together.

The correct approach

Building a community need inner strength of persistence. Inner strength comes from the spiritual Power of meditation. That is why we have advanced chess meditation NFTs. I have discussed the Power of chess meditation in my previous blogs, so kindly go through them. If we work hard on building a community but are unaware of the path, our journey of building a community becomes torturous. The correct approach is building a community that donates together, and the donation amount comes from half the profits generated. When we integrate the Power of giving, we also integrate the Power of the internal bond of community members in our NFT project. Every crypto founder tries to build a solid community, some succeed, but most fail. They need to be made aware of the fact that the Power of giving unites the community. Way warren buffet keeps saying that investing is long-term, and building a thriving community is also a long-term quest.

We will likely succeed if we create a long-term vision of building a solid community. Passion for creating NFTs and educating about NFTs should also generate interest inside you. If you combine long-term vision to make community and passion for creating NFTs, it is likely the formula for your NFT project’s success. Building a community in the NFT market requires determination to succeed under any circumstances and no matter how much time takes. You keep working on building a community on the right path. The right direction is all about building a community that donates together.

Building a community that donates together will give you the path you have been searching for to keep your community growing. The Correct way is always hard to walk on, but growth lies on that path only.

If we have the backing of a robust community, we can create a solid development system through the feedback loop. Compassion is the superpower that needs to be integrated into your community members if you want them to grow with you forever. The beauty of your NFT project lies in the internal bond of the community members. We will have to transfer all our energy into building a robust community. Focus can do magic in a short span. No matter how much you spend on advertising your NFT project, in the end, only the community bond will be able to grow your NFT project. The goal is to build a community right from the start, so you do not have to go and build a community when times are desperate.

Building a community that donates together requires an approach that can only be executed if you have a lifelong commitment to creating NFTs. That commitment comes from expressing yourself through NFTs. Building a community that donates together is like value investing. Price follows the value, and we know it. A community that donates together will likely succeed just like price follows the value rule.

A community that donates together will have a competitive advantage or, as value investors say, a “moat.”

We might hate buffet because he hates crypto, but his principals are universal, and he might be wrong about crypto. World is complex.

Moat becomes necessary when we are in a competitive NFT market. Anyone can create the NFTs you are making, but your community is the only difference between you and them. A goal that has to be achieved is the unity of a community that does compassionate work together. The bond between your community members will be a deciding factor in barely succeeding or making an extremely successful NFT project. Focusing on the internal bond of community members allows you to understand the seriousness of competition in the NFT market. A community that donates together decides the future of its project. Donation work is directly related to the internal bonding of the community members. Donation work, if executed well, can create lifelong ties between members. Even if you get tired of tunning your NFT project, your community will push you to keep doing it because they want to be part of your strong community.

Giving back to society is always a great habit, and if that habit grows an internal bond between community members, what can be a better thing than that? A community bond is a way too powerful thing to be neglected. NFT creators who ignore the importance of creating a solid NFT community will likely suffer. Even if you do not care for the poor and believe in self-service, making such a community will fulfill the highest form of self-serving purpose. A community that donates together creates a monopoly if your NFTs are rare. This is a deadly combination. If you make very few NFTs, an internal bond between community members can help you increase the price of the NFTs. Suppose you have a solid community due to existing social media influence. If you just put extra effort into making them donate together, they will guide you in creating NFTs according to your personality and help you sell because their growth also lies in that process.

Creating such a community has the magic you cannot even imagine until you see it. My articles are just glimpses of that magic, but the real magic lies when you execute this method. We have only one life and must put effort into creating magical things. The goal is to make the community donate together for their growth. That is it. A community that contributes together can make our NFTs go viral, which is the dream of every NFT creator. Creating such a community will help us stop wasting our energy on unnecessary efforts that produce minimal results to grow the community.

Chess meditation

Building such a community can be daunting, so we need a power higher than us. Meditation is that Power. Chess meditation is a faster way to meditate. With technological changes, we need more immediate ways to meditate and use higher Power to help us succeed. I asked “chat gpt” about the definition of chess meditation, and the answer will help you understand what I am trying to convey through this article.

It is incredible how technology can guide us. The response does not mention the quicker impact of chess meditation, but overall it aligns with the concept. Chess meditation is a new concept, so we must keep an open mind to embrace it. With evolving new techs, we need new ways of meditation. Chess meditation is that new path. Just inhale with every chess move, and you will start finding your way to create a community that donates together. Remember that building a compassionate community is a lifelong quest; to succeed in that quest, we need another similar powerful quest: chess meditation.

Our mind always resists a new concept, but the more we practice more we will be able to embrace it. Chess meditation is a lifelong commitment, like long-term investing in bitcoin and the long-term commitment required to build a community that donates together. Chess meditation is the way to build a community that can sustain in challenging times with you in your NFT journey. Chess meditation will help us build a community that can thrive your project and grows itself through cracking a complex formula required to make your NFT project a success. Chess meditation is the necessary solution to use the higher Power in the fastest way possible to help us grow our community that can donate together. Chess meditation and your passion for creating great NFTs that can express yourself will likely be your gateway to succeed in the NFT market.

Chess meditation is a path that may look a little complex initially, but with practice, it will become easier and easier for you.

Anything that requires lifelong commitment requires training to make it easy day by day. Chess meditation is the need of the hour to make radical changes in our lives for the greater good. Chess meditation will help you grow, but you must give yourself enough time to show that radical changes are possible. Initially, you might only be able to see glimpses. Chess meditation is the solution that connects you with the higher Power to solve complex problems required to build a solid NFT community. Chess meditation has to be part of our lives as we have made brushing the teeth part of our lives. It should be a routine. I have written many articles on this topic, so you can go through them if this concept fascinates you.

Chess meditation is a powerful concept that has to be integrated the way we have integrated crypto into our lives, something that is a habit.

Once it becomes a habit, it becomes hard to remove, and success becomes a habit and a by-product of this practice. If practiced long enough, chess meditation can become a superpower and means of living life. Chess meditation is a lifelong commitment, like investing in bitcoin to make profits. Chess meditation is a lifelong practice in a nutshell. Chess meditation is initially challenging because our bodies will stop us from making radical changes so quickly. Our bodies cannot make such a huge difference in such a short time, but we need to stay committed. We need to push our limits.

Chess meditation is a relatively new but doable practice and can be done anywhere. Even chat gpt agrees with that. Chess meditation will keep us calm when we see exciting results while building community and won’t let us down when we do not see quality results. Chess meditation will become part of your life after you practice it long enough.

When you get tired and cannot focus after inhaling for 5 to 10 moves continuously, then take a rest and then start from there. All you have to do is to inhale with every chess move. Chess meditation is a tool that has to be done in the community if you truly want to do it for your entire life. That is why owning our chess NFTs will give you access to the exclusive meditative community that will do chess meditation regularly. Because of creating a community that will keep donating together, the price of NFTs will grow with time because of the powerful internal bond. Chess meditation is a superpower that can resolve many things simultaneously. Chess meditation first calms our minds by making our subconscious mind understand that peace is possible without words. The quality of your inner peace will decide the quality of your NFT community. Chess meditation is potent. Start chess meditation after reading this blog for at least 30 minutes to see immediate effects. Just inhale with every chess move, and it will automatically show its magic. The link to our chess NFT is in the end, and you do not need to buy NFT to practice. You can watch the video without buying it.

Chess meditation can be practiced as much as possible and whenever you want. Spiritual Power first heals us, and that Power helps others through our products after it shows its magic on us.

The Power of mindfulness transfers itself to others from us through our product or service only. Chess meditation is just another form of observing your breaths but in a more intense manner. Traditional breath observation methods are not that intense, but it has their magic. We like to do challenging things while we are getting entertained. Chess meditation entertains you while you meditate or inhale with every chess move. Chess meditation cannot be underestimated if we are sincere about building a solid NFT community. Building a community in the competitive NFT marketplace has to be done through a higher power because that higher Power can help us cross complex barriers. Chess meditation and building the community will go hand in hand. The more you inhale with every chess move higher your odds of creating a more compassionate community.

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