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The power of owning chess NFTs

To become a successful NFT investor, we need to build a community that can donate together. Charitable work done together is a superpower that can change things radically for any NFT community.

NFT community that donates together can create a world where growth happens, even when other investors are getting rekt. A community that donates together will build an internal bond that can create magic in the long term for their NFT project. Most crypto investors are scared to invest in a crypto project even when undervalued because they fear exit scams, and only the power of the community can stop all these fears.

A community that donates together builds a bond that will win against the artwork of the costliest NFTs in the longer term.

Giving away half of the profits is doable in the NFT market. NFT creators need to keep a bigger heart because keeping a big heart is only going to help them in the longer term. Projects succeed because of solid corporate teams; similarly, the NFT project can grow because of the community. We need to understand that as NFT investors that if we do not find such communities that are not giving away a specific portion of their profits through community, then we are left with only one option, which is to build such communities by ourselves. Only by taking things into our hands can we feel the power of robust communities. All you need is self-belief to create such a community through the abovementioned principle.

Building a solid community that donates together is a responsibility we must take through creating NFTs we love to develop if we genuinely want to succeed in the NFT marketplace.

We will move mountains if we can generate a self-belief to take this responsibility. DOnating together may be a new concept, but crypto is also in its infancy, so many revolutionary ideas like these will keep evolving that can mesmerize you. The utility of your NFTs and the growth of your community will go hand in hand in the longer term. Then Why think short-term when we have a solid long-term solution?

Building a community that donates together may sound weird initially, but if you think logically, this concept will make a lot of sense.

Chess meditation

Building such a community requires a lot of consciousness because consciousness creates compassion. Chess meditation allows you to do the meditation faster because when you inhale with every chess move, you qualify to send a message to your subconscious mind that building such a community requires a lot of compassion. Meditation is the superpower that can help us create such a community. Chess meditation, if it clicks you, then it can do miracles for you. Building such a community requires connecting with the higher power because it involves compassion inside us. Only compassion inside us can help us make such a compassionate community.

Chess meditation is the solution to improve your compassion, and I recommend it; try it and try until there is a moment when it shows its magic to you.

The power of telling our subconscious minds that building such a community requires compassion has to be in an artistic way and not through words.

This is a link to our opensea page, where you can try chess meditation. If you own the NFT, you can join our community lifelong for chess meditation.

Chess meditation will push your limits to meditate. Even doing it for 2 minutes will give you a feeling of being 20 minutes in the present moment.

That is why I know this works and will create magic. All you have to do is inhale when a chess move is played, and it will start doing its magic. Chess meditation is a powerful way to create the ability to build a compassionate community that donates together. When you meditate with a chess move and the more you do not understand the chess move higher your odds of connecting with your higher power because your inhaling process sends a message to your mind that building such a community and success in crypto can be complex like these chess moves.

Chess meditation shows the path to connect with your higher power in one of the fastest ways possible. All you have to do is start inhaling with every chess move, and it will start doing its magic.

Chess meditation empowers us to be compassionate, and only by becoming compassionate can we build a community that donates with compassion. Thus, an internal bond between community members is created, and that community’s internal bond will help you grow your crypto or NFT project. Improving bonds between community members is a lifelong quest, and that quest can only be sustained by connecting with our higher power in the fastest possible way. Chess meditation can turn the dream of building a solid community into a reality. Only by building a community that donates together can we build a successful, long-lasting NFT project. Life is fast, so we need meditation methods that can give quick results, and chess meditation is such a method.

NFT’s value comes when people can keep looking at the art repeatedly and still get mesmerized. Inhaling with every chess move is also similar because every inhalation with chess moves creates a powerful connection in such a way that you want to keep inhaling.

Art is about watching the same thing

The more we connect ourselves with our higher power more we can succeed in the NFT market by creating a community that donates together through creating NFTs that can express ourselves. Chess meditation may be a new concept for you, but once you embrace it and keep practicing it, you will be amazed by the output. Chess meditation is the faster way to connect our subconscious mind with the higher power; thus, we can build an NFT community that donates together. If you are a music artist, then only your community can help you crack the code of selling more and more NFTs to the right audience, and the community can help you only when they have internal bonding. I also see many prism image artists. I see minimal sales because they do not have a community with powerful inner bonding. Chess meditation is a powerful tool that cannot be ignored because, unfortunately, the world is moving at such a pace that we need to meditate faster to cope with the world. Chess meditation is a fast solution to build an NFT community that donates together and grows together. We have two options to succeed in the NFT market. One is that we bet on the NFT communities that donate together, and another is that we build such a community. Chess meditation can help us in both cases. It is the spiritual power that can help us crack these things.

Chess meditation is easy if we can do it with like-minded people and commit to it lifelong. We can only succeed in the meditational world by committing for life, which is why owning our chess NFTs allows you to meditate with the community forever. Chess meditation is easy. All you have to do is inhale with every chess move, and it will start doing its magic. Our higher power can help us build NFT communities that can last forever.

Chess meditation allows us to connect with our genuine passion for creating NFTs. Everyone can sell NFTs, but the problem is that most do not combine their passion and NFT creation.

It is also essential to connect our passion with creating NFTs because only then do we get the wisdom to create a community that donates together. Chess meditation must be integrated into our lives if we want to succeed in the world of investments. Chess meditation is the superpower that; if we incorporate it into our life, we can start building communities that can help everyone grow together. We can grow in the NFT market only with a robust community. A community becomes powerful when it donates specific portions of profits. To execute that, we need to connect with a higher power the fastest way possible. Chess meditation is the solution. A quicker way to meditate can change many things very quickly in our lives. Because, in most cases, the difference between successful people and losers is nothing but the level of consciousness.

Chess meditation is not about learning chess, but it is about using the complexity of chess to understand the complexity of our higher power.

This method touches our soul and connects our subconscious mind with universal energy. Chess Meditation helps us integrate universal energy without using any words. Inhalation with every chess move is worth a thousand words of wisdom required to understand the power of the universe. Observing our breaths keeps us at this moment, generating immense spiritual power. Inhaling with every chess move generates the same effect with ten times more intensity. Chess meditation allows us to be visionary and helps educate our NFT community members about our long-term vision. Chess meditation will enable us to create NFTs that make us happy because it allows us to express ourselves through NFTs. The more we express ourselves, the more we can be satisfied. Chess meditation can be challenging if you do it fast. So observe your breath and don’t force your breath to inhale deeply when you inhale with a chess move. It will automatically start doing its magic.

Chess meditation gives us inner growth, and we can also create inner growth in our NFT community. Only after these two internal growths can we do any form of external change.

Chess meditation is the solution to complex problems of your NFT journey. NFT is for everyone. So everyone can start doing chess meditation. Chess meditation allows us to connect our true passion with NFTs. We might only be able to find this connection with the power of chess meditation. Chess meditation will enable us to create NFTs that might not see any competition in our area of NFTs. Chess meditation will get you out of the spiral loop of creating NFTs without building a community and getting frustrated. Chess meditation will be a lifelong solution if you commit yourself. Owning our chess meditation NFT can help you get access to our lifelong community. You can meditate whenever you want, and if our community’s internal bond keeps increasing through donations, you will likely be able to sell your NFT at a higher price. Chess meditation is a new concept; the human mind always avoids new things, especially if it tries to improve that person. That’s how we are designed due to many traumatic events that happened in the past. Chess meditation is a simple process of inhalation with every chess move, but accepting this new method of meditation can be challenging for our minds.

Chess meditation, if done in a community then it will create magic. When we meditate together, we get other people’s energy and create a unique power to accomplish long meditation sessions.

In the world of NFTs, the more we have universal energy backing higher our odds of creating a community that donates together. Chess meditation is all about inhaling with every chess move, and it will start doing its magic. Magic without words. You inhale with a chess move, and the power of complex chess moves will help you unlock the complex universal power. If you cannot align the complexity of chess with universal energy, repeat the move by pausing the video and inhaling again. To succeed in NFTs, we must create a robust community, which can only happen when universal energy backs us up. Chess meditation will do the inner healing necessary to succeed in the NFT market. Chess meditation allows us to realize that we may need inner healing before going on a long journey in the NFT market. Although a new concept, chess meditation will heal in a way you might not have ever felt before.

Chess meditation is a new and robust solution, and you will have to try this method and embrace it with an open arm if you want to focus on building a strong NFT community for your NFT project. Inhale with every move and feel the complexity of chess moves.

Repeat and pause the video when required. Watch the video again and again when needed. Chess meditation is a new method, but you must try it. You have already tried things that have led you to where you are, and now it is time to try something new and powerful with complete faith in the process. Chess meditation has to be practiced repeatedly initially if you are new. At the end of this article, you will find the link to our NFT page on opensea, where you can see the chess meditation video or try doing this online by watching any chess game. Just focus on inhaling with every chess move and keep your focus on inhalation. You will see the magic. Inhaling with every chess move allows our subconscious mind to understand that the universe is as complex as chess moves without using words.

Chess meditation is a new powerful method that, if not embraced, can keep us behind in the complex NFT market. Chess is a complex game, so if we look at the games played by grandmasters and inhale with every move, then our subconscious mind will try to connect with the complex universal power through the complexity of chess moves.

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