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Understanding Simplebits.io

Simplebits.io is an innovative platform that provides various opportunities to earn virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. The platform operates through offerwalls, where users can complete specific tasks, surveys, or watch videos to earn cryptocurrency rewards. These offerwalls are provided by several partners associated with Simplebits.io.

Earning through Offerwalls

The offerwalls on Simplebits.io offer a wide range of tasks, including signing up for newsletters, installing mobile applications, participating in quizzes, and more. Each task rewards a specific amount of their in site coin. You then use those coins to purchase virtual miners that pay out over the next few months with interest.

By dedicating some time to complete these offerwall tasks regularly, you can accumulate a substantial amount of coins. The earned rewards can then be  utilized within the platform to purchase miners. Be careful in what offers you accept if you are new to these kind of sites. 

Purchasing Miners on Simplebits.io

Once you have amassed a sufficient amount of coins, you can delve into the world of mining. Simplebits.io offers an array of virtual miners for rent on their platform. They have gamified the mining process allowing you to rent virtual miners that pay out in real time. 

Daily spin

One of my favorite things on simplebits.io is the daily spin, you can receive a few coins or a high value in game item. It is only available once per day but can be a very big bonus. Most of this bonus comes from the high end items you can receive. 

In Game Items

The game has a system where you are given items and boosters of random rarity along with mining parts. You earn them by completing tasks and earning coins, then they are automatically sent to your inventory. You can sell them in the in game marketplace for coin, or use them to boost earning, boost the faucet rewards or use them for the mining aspect of the game.

Start Free

If you create an account, you can complete PTC offers and offerwall offers to gain coins. Then I would suggest to rent the virtual miners with it and keep doing this until you are happy with how much you are earning. At that point you can start to withdraw. I would suggest Dogecoin as a coin to receive, I just cashed out yesterday and it only cost $0.09 US. I used to use BTC but lately the BTC network is congested.

Quick Trick 

If you use the offerwall MMwall, they have something called MMwatch where you can watch videos and you get paid for the ads they show to you during the video. I have used it for a long while and it wont make you rich but it earns a nice chunk of change while you don't have to do anything.


Every 30 minutes you can claim the faucet and receive a few coins and some XP to help you level up. As you do level up you will receive more coins every time you claim. Right now I am level 711 and I receive a nice boost for this level. 

My Goal 

Now with any money making site, it is always good to have a goal to work up to. For me I am going from nothing in the site to 100 referrals and I would also like to be making 10,000 coins a day passive through the miners. Why 10,000 coins? This equates to $1 a day passively and That is my first stepping stone. This is often a first goal of mine and this add to 365 dollars a year. then I will go to 5 dollars a day and so on. I will keep you all posted how it goes!

Other Benefits of Simplebits.io

1. Passive Income Simplebits.io offers an opportunity to generate passive income. Through regular engagement with offerwalls and acquiring miners, you can establish a steady flow of cryptocurrency rewards.


2. Flexibility Simplebits.io allows you to work at your own pace and convenience. You can choose which offerwalls to engage with based on your interests and availability. Similarly, you can decide how much computing power you want to invest in by renting the virtual miners that suit your budget.


3. Secure and Transparent Simplebits.io ensures the security and transparency of transactions by employing industry-standard encryption protocols. Your mined cryptocurrency and withdrawals are securely stored within your Simplebits.io account.

Nothing in this blog is to be taken as financial advice, I'm just posting about my journey and I love to earn crypto in these types of unique ways. 

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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