No doubt, Apes related NFTs are almost a house hold name owning to the huge success stories created from the earlier NFTs from this generic space. However, beyond this, the GangstApes seems to be creating and building unique community art fans whose holdings will give access to the numerous utilities being built around the projects. In this case, GangstApes happens to be the premier project that will launch the community into the deep of NFT world. GangstApes is a story, community-driven, hand-drawn NFT collection and Street brand that has been created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Some of the benefits and utility of the holders of GangstApes stems from exclusive access to future events, NFT holder’s special monthly giveaway, staking with rewards in ETH, 5% of royalties going into community wallet and other benefits that may come as the projects progress. The visa or access to all these is a minimum holding of 25 GangstApes NFT which opens the gate to the GangastApes NFT innovation studio membership. The NFT innovation studio otherwise known as the Mafia room is where holders are made founders with a long-term partnership with the team. Close to 30% to 40% profit will be shared with NFT holders and the rest for the team and any other necessary collaboration. The GangstApes NFT is the door opener and the beginning of good things to come in the NFT world that the team has in stock for the community.

Currently, the GangstApes is almost minted out with 5210 out of 6969 minted at the time of this write-up at the cost of 0.003 ETH each. This is a give-away price considering the accruing benefits of this project and may also be a far cry from the floor price after minting out is achieved in no distant time from now.

GanstApes is a skilled and interesting set of individuals that have lot to offer to the Web3 world. They are bent on evolving into Web3 through traditional software development, art, and social media. The GangstApes mint is an experiment with the aim to grow a community of fans with like minds and interest. The GangstApes project is currently a team of 3 unique artists, 4 developers, a full market team and discord managers. With already a bubbling community, the GangstApes team is working to make it big in the NFT space.

The following are the online presence of the GangstApes project:

Mint website:





Contractaddress: 0xb3ff6f6057e7aad2703b499057f2bd7d7eecf0cc

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